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PETER'S Prince Phenyle

PETER'S Prince Phenyle is a disinfectant fluid. It is belongs to Black of Class A, Normal Type, Grade 3, RWC Min.5. PETER'S Prince Phenyle formulated from Coal Tar Acids, Phenols, Terpene Fractions, Substituted Phenols as active matter and natural vegetable oils and other emulsifying agents.

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A heavy-duty, biodegradable green cleaner made with renewable resources. It is an alkaline detergent designed for use in ultrasonic and immersion cleaning. It is safe for use in food manufacturing environments when rinsed with potable water.

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PMC 43

PMC 43 is a heavy duty granular food plant floor cleaner designed for removal of tough soils encountered on floors and walls in meat, poultry and seafood processing operations. The concentrated, well built formula insures rapid removal of many soil types. It when used as directed, is safe on virtually all surfaces, including stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminum, concrete, quarry and ceramic tile, plastic and glass surfaces. It contains no perfume or scent agents, enabling its use on floors and walls throughout inspected plants. It is a free-flowing powder formulated with selected alkaline builders, biodegradable organic detergents, corrosion inhibitors and water conditioners.

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PROTOL is an alkaline low foam single stage cleaner disinfectant where CIP, pumped systems and pipework, require this type of product. QAC based, giving good biocidal properties. This product passes BS EN 1276 1997 “Bactericidal Activity for disinfectants used in food industry” at a concentration of 1%.

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Parashield is a very strong disinfectant , strong cleaner, kills smells.

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Penetron Plus

Penetron Plus is a fast acting liquid compound containing special oils and solvents that penetrate iron oxides and loosens carbon deposits. Penetron Plus loosens corroded parts as nuts, bolts.

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Perasan A

Perasan A is a top of the line sanitizer for a variety of applications. It pairs highly effective antimicrobial properties with a very favorable environmental profile. It is ideal for food contact surface sanitation, is non-corrosive to stainless steel, and has no harmful disinfection by-products. It has a broad spectrum microbial kill and the product is slightly acid and safe on soft metal surfaces.

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Pilot SXS-40

Pilot SXS-40 is a widely-used hydrotrope in many HI&I applications; effectively reducing viscosity, increasing solubility and improving clarity. It imparts dispersing and coupling properties in many formulations and will not impart any considerable detergency.

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Pilot SXS-96

Pilot SXS-96 effectively reduces viscosity, increases solubility and improves clarity. It has especially good anti-caking properties for dry compounded formulations and will not impart any considerable detergency.

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Pine Oil

Pine oil is an essential oil obtained by the steam distillation of needles, twigs and cones from a variety of species of pine, particularly Pinus sylvestris. Chemically, pine oil consists mainly of cyclic terpene alcohols. It may also contain terpene hydrocarbons, ethers, and esters. The exact composition depends on various factors such as the variety of pine it is produced from and the parts of the tree used. It is used in aromatherapy, as a scent in bath oils, as a cleaning product, and as a lubricant in small and expensive clockwork instruments. It is naturally deodorizing, and antibacterial. It may also be used varyingly as a disinfectant, massage oil and an antiseptic. Industrially, pine oil is used in metal extraction from ores.

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