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DREW ELECTRIC 2000 motor and parts cleaner is a highly efficient, non-chlorinated solvent designed to be used in electric parts cleaning applications requiring deep penetration with a controlled evaporation rate. It is economical to use and can be applied on large motors, generators, and electrical apparatus, as well as smaller equipment. DREW ELECTRIC 2000 cleaner has a high dielectric strength and low non-volatile residue value making it an excellent replacement for 1-1-1 TCE-based products.

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Ethylene Dibromide

Ethylene Dibromide is the chemical compound with a sweet odor.t has been used as a pesticide in soil, and various crops.t continues to be used a fumigant for treatment of logs for termites and beetles, control of moths in beehives, and as a preparation for dyes and waxes.

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FINDET. 1618A/35-E

FINDET. 1618A/35-E is used in cleaning and sanitation.

FINDET. 1618A/72-E

FINDET. 1618A/72-E is used in cleaning and sanitation

FINDET. 1816/17-AR

FINDET. 1816/17-AR is used in cleaning and sanitation.

Hydroxyacetic Acid

Hydroxyacetic Acid is used in cleaning and sanitation and cosmetics.

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MET L KLEEN 2006-N is a low foaming alkaline and aqueous cleaner formulated to clean a large range of soils including grease, metal working fluids and industrial oils. It’s unique formula gives excellent corrosion protection on ferrous metals and its alloys and ensures no stains on light metals. It produces very low foam (no foam) even if used in high pressure cleaning systems.

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Meta-Tec 2C Liquid

Meta-Tec 2C Liquid is a thick, strongly alkaline, ready-to-use liquid cleaner containing large amounts of surfactants and chelating agents to strip rust, scale and soils from metal surfaces. Removes paint. All ingredients are stable at warm temperatures making it effective for "paint-on/spray-off " cleaning. Leaves a nice shine on stainless steel when followed by a potable water rinse.

Mirror Solvo Clean

Mirror Solvo Clean is a solvent based cleaner where there is extremely high contamination of grease and oil on the surface and still water cannot be used as a solvent or to make the solution. In such cases it is imperative to use solvent based cleaning systems to clean the surface. Mirror Solvo clean can be used as an additive to a solvent as suggested by our expert to remove such high contamination of grease and oil from the metallic surface.

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QC 7 Floor Cleaner

Moderate strength alkaline low foam cleaner for general use and for automatic floor scrubbing machines; may also be used for mopping at various concentrations. QC 7 Floor Cleaner is diluted with water prior to use, is biodegradable, and features excellent rinse-ability.

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