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Seacare Ecosperse 52 is a concentrated oil spill dispersant highly efficient for use on a wide range of oils. Seacare Ecosperse 52 converts hydrocarbons into fine emulsions that can be biodegraded much more quickly in sea water. It can be applied by boat or aerial spraying. When authorized, this product can be used as a concentrate or diluted for many types of oil cleaning operations at sea, on rocky shoreline and beaches. Seacare Ecosperse 52 is non toxic and biodegradable.

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Sodium metabisulfite

Sodium metabisulfite and potassium metabisulfite are the primary ingredients in Campden tablets, used for wine and beer making. It is commonly used in homebrewing and winemaking to sanitize equipment. It is used as a cleaning agent for potable water reverse osmosismembranes in desalination systems. It is also used to remove chloramine from drinking water after treatment.

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Soy Protein Isolated

Soy protein isolate is a highly refined or purified form of soy protein with a minimum protein content of 90% on a moisture-free basis. It is made from defatted soy flour which has had most of the non-protein components, fats and carbohydrates removed. Because of this, it has a neutral flavor and will cause less flatulence due to bacterial fermentation.

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1,1,2-Trichloroethene is a chlorinated hydrocarbon commonly used as an industrial solvent. It was used as a volatile anesthetic and as an inhaled obstetrical analgesic in millions of patients. Trichloroethylene's major use was to extract vegetable oils from plant materials such as soy, coconut, and palm. Other uses in the food industry included coffee decaffeination and the preparation of flavoring extracts from hops and spices. It has also been used as a dry cleaning solvent. It is also used in the manufacture of a range of fluorocarbon refrigerants.

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Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium Chloride is the organic quaternary ammonium compound which can be used as biocide, cationic surfactant, and phase transfer agent in various laboratory chemical reactions. It possesses different industrial uses as detergent, textile softener, and synthesis of drugs, drugs preservation, hand sanitizers, skin antiseptic products and to treat other infections. Buy Benzalkonium Chloride from Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S a widely renowned company serving pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S is a high-quality pharmaceutical grade Benzalkonium Chloride supplier online.

Commissioning Cleaner

Commissioning Cleaner is a multifunctional water based cleaner. It is the new generation in one step cleaner product.Commissioning Cleaner is for cleaning of new boilers and cooling systems on board new buildings. It will remove scale, rust, oil and grease at the same time from the systems.

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HTH Granular Chlorine

HTH Granular Chlorine is a Non-stabilised chlorine,Kills algae and bacteria. It is gentler on skin,faster dissolve, and available in 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 15kg, 25kg.

Methane Sulfonic Acid

Methanesulfonic acid is a colorless liquid.It is the simplest of the alkylsulfonic acids.It is used in the generation of borane.It is also used in hard surface cleaning and removal of lime and metallic (iron) scales.

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Mirror Catoclean 2000

Mirror Catoclean 2000 is a cleaner which is used as a solution electrolyte where the material to be cleaned is dipped in Catoclean 2000 bath at the negative potential or the cathode.

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Sodium Fluorosilicate

Sodium fluorosilicate show similar application with sodium fluoride in the field of laundry souring, manufacturing enamels, manufacturing coated papers, wood preservative , foam production, opal glass, ore flotation and water fluoridation.

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