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Methyltrimethoxysilane it is a cross linking agent for room temperature cured silclione rubber, coupling agent for glass fiber and Sio2, a strengthening agent for plastic-layer pressing material. It is also used in construction and sanitary.

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PETER'S Paizal Phenyle

PETER'S Paizal Phenyle is formulated from Coal Tar Acids, Phenols, Substituted Phenols as active matter and natural vegetable oils and other emulsifying agents, perfectly blended to give soft characteristic smell. PETER'S Paizal Phenyle can be used at Hatcheries, Poultry Farms, Bulk Drug industries for Bio-security purpose.

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PETER'S Prince Phenyle

PETER'S Prince Phenyle is a disinfectant fluid. It is belongs to Black of Class A, Normal Type, Grade 3, RWC Min.5. PETER'S Prince Phenyle formulated from Coal Tar Acids, Phenols, Terpene Fractions, Substituted Phenols as active matter and natural vegetable oils and other emulsifying agents.

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QC Liquid Mold Cleaner

An aggressive, highly alkaline cleaner that effectively cleans a wide variety of soils from steel substrates. May be used as a soak cleaner and is particularly effective as an ultrasonic cleaner. Specially formulated for the removal of residues from injection mold operations. Excellent cleaning ability on many different types of soils, designed to release and float soils for extended bath life, liquid product makes automatic feeding easy.

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SUB ZERO FLOOR CLEANER is a versatile cleaner and degreaser, which, even under the coldest conditions, has been developed for removing a broad range of soils, greases and oils from any surfaces that water will not harm. It is recommended for use on walls, floors, and doors in freezers and coolers in meat and poultry operations, it may be applied manually, by low pressure spraying, or mopping. It is safe for use in contact with steel, stainless steel, copper, tin, brass, or aluminum, as well as tile, brick, porcelain, plastic and painted surfaces. It is a blend of biodegradable wetting and penetrating agents, detergents, conditioners, and a blend of water soluble, non-volatile solvents.

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FabricMaster HEAVY DUTY

FabricMaster HEAVY DUTY is used to clean the upholstery without damaging the fabric.

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Iron (III) Ferrocyanide

Iron (III) ferrocyanide is used in black and bluish inks.It is used in pigments.It is also a popular pigment in paints.It is the basis for laundry bluing.It has been used as an antidote for certain kinds of heavy metal poisoning.

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MC 230 Neutral Descaler

Neutral descaler for use in soak and ultrasonic wash systems. Removes soils and light oxides from steel, zinc, aluminum, and brass. It is safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum. Water-based cleaner, biodegradable, general purpose product, useful over a wide range of applications, brightens brass and aluminum, excellent rinse-ability.

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MC 626 LF Acid Descaler

Citric based cleaning compound removes scale, rust, and soot; low foam product suitable for spray and vibratory applications; water based; biodegradable; excellent rinse-ability.

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Mirror Spray Clean 2000

Mirror Spray Clean 2000 is used in application where the article to be cleaned cannot be immersed in a tank containing the cleaning solution. The Mirror Spray Clean 2000 is a low to non foaming cleaner where it can be sprayed on to the surface of the article to be cleaned with a high jet spray and thus achieving the double cleaning action of mechanical water jet along with surfactant based cleaning.

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