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MC 230 Neutral Descaler

Neutral descaler for use in soak and ultrasonic wash systems. Removes soils and light oxides from steel, zinc, aluminum, and brass. It is safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum. Water-based cleaner, biodegradable, general purpose product, useful over a wide range of applications, brightens brass and aluminum, excellent rinse-ability.

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MC 626 LF Acid Descaler

Citric based cleaning compound removes scale, rust, and soot; low foam product suitable for spray and vibratory applications; water based; biodegradable; excellent rinse-ability.

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Mirror Spray Clean 2000

Mirror Spray Clean 2000 is used in application where the article to be cleaned cannot be immersed in a tank containing the cleaning solution. The Mirror Spray Clean 2000 is a low to non foaming cleaner where it can be sprayed on to the surface of the article to be cleaned with a high jet spray and thus achieving the double cleaning action of mechanical water jet along with surfactant based cleaning.

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Mirror Ultrasonic Clean

Mirror Ultrasonic Clean is used in applications to boost the cleaning in a ultrasonic machine equipment. The chemicals used in this product boost the sonic cleaning properties of the water and also provide good surface activity for removal of surface contaminants like oil and grease from the metallic surface to be treated.

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Ramsey Bathroom Cleaner

Ramsey Bathroom Cleaner is formulated with patented hydrogen peroxide technology that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes hard, non-porous, washable bathroom surfaces. This removes common soils without residue, kills odor-causing bacteria in restrooms and can be used on most water-washable hard, non-porous restroom surfaces.

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Release Liquid Prespray

Release Liquid Prespray is an liquid spray used in case of cleaning and sanitation.

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Clean Front Iodine Rings

Clean Front Iodine Rings is a patented blend of iodine, nonionic surfactants and blocking agents. Suitable for use in drains and condensate pans as a cleaning, deoderizing, anti-clogging and anti-soil buildup device. Used to deoderize condensate water and other standing water in food plants or other facilities. Adequate for the control of most odors that occur in standing water pans and floor drains.

FabricMaster FINE FABRIC

FabricMaster FINE FABRIC is mainly used in upholstery cleaning .

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MC 301 Tumbling Compound

Heavy-duty degreaser for use in vibratory, centrifugal, and spray wash systems; safe for use on most ferrous metals; biodegradable; excellent rinse-ability; in-process corrosion protection.

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Mirror PosNeg Clean 1000

Mirror PosNeg Clean 1000 is used for applications where there is very low tolerance of surface degradation but still anodic cleaning is necessary.

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