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PARTS WASHING SOLVENT LO is an economical blend of low aromatic solvents specially formulated for equipment and parts cleaning. PARTS WASHING SOLVENT LO is very effective in cleaning all types of oils and greases from metal parts. PARTS WASHING SOLVENT LO is non-toxic, has a flash point above 145° F, does not contain mineral spirits, and has a relativity low odor.

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TERGITOL NP-6 Surfactant

Tergitol NP-6 is a non-ionic surfactant.It is also works as a excellent emulsifier, wetting agent, stabilizer, and couples detergent range nonionics into hydrocarbon systems.It is used in cleaners & degreasers, dry cleaning, adhesives, agrochemicals.

Ultra Activator Solution

Ultra Activator Solution is used with Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution.

77 Compound Acid Descaler

77 Compound is a phosphoric acid cleaner for use in immersion and ultrasonic wash systems. It removes rust and heat treat scale from various metals. Water-based, biodegradable, useful over a wide range of applications and operating conditions, excellent rinse-ability.

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Clean Front Iodine Blocks

Clean Front Iodine Blocks patented blend of iodine, nonionic surfactants and blocking agents suitable for use in food processing plant drains as an anti-clogging and anti-soil buildup device. Used to deoderize condensate water and other standing water. Adequate for the control of most odors that develop from standing water such as condensation pans and floor drains.

Hydrotreated Heavy Naptha

Hydrotreated Heavy Naptha is used in cleaning and sanitation.

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Hydroxylammonium Chloride

Hydroxylammonium chloride is the hydrochloric acid salt of hydroxylamine. It is a biological intermediate in the nitrification and in the anammox which are important in the nitrogen cycle in soil and in wastewater treatment. It is used in organic synthesis for preparation of oximes and hydroxamic acids from carboxylic acids, N- and O- substituted hydroxyamines, and addition reactions of carbon-carbon double bond. In surface treatments, it is used in the preparation of anti-skinning agents, corrosion inhibitors, and cleaner additives. It is also a starting material for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals manufacturing. In the rubber and plastics industries, it is an antioxidant, vulcanization accelerator, and radical scavenger. It is also used as a fixative for textile dyes, auxiliary in some dyeing processes, as a metal extraction and flotation aid, as an antioxidant in fatty acids and soaps, and as a color stabilizer and emulsion additive in color films.

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Liquid Smokehouse Cleaner

Liquid Smokehouse Cleaner is a concentrated, cost-efficient, self-foaming, high alkaline cleaner with rinse aids for compatibility with any water system. Authorized for use only in soak tanks or with steam or mechanical cleaning equipment.

MC 518 Alkaline Detergent

A silicate-free heavy-duty detergent for use in soak and ultrasonic cleaning systems. It is safe on ferrous metals only. Excellent for removal of buffing and lapping compounds. May also be used for removal of general machining oils. Water-based cleaner, biodegradable, useful over a wide range of applications and operating conditions, excellent rinse-ability.

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Power Green Glass Cleaner

Specialized blend of surfactants made from renewable resources for use on glass, mirrors, and hard surfaces. Power Green Glass Cleaner is streak free, VOC free, biodegradable, and designed for use on automotive glass, traditional windows, mirrors, and plastic surfaces. Power Green Glass Cleaner is fast evaporating.

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