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Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate

Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate is an important ingredient of many household laundry detergent powders, laundry bleach additive products and automatic machine dish wash powders.Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is a white crystalline odorless powder. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate has poor water solubility, 23g/L, is non-flammable and non-explosive. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate solutions in water are slightly basic. Sodium perborate tetrahydrate has oxidizing properties.Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is manufactured from borax, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

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Superkleen 3-In One Klean Flo

Superkleen 3 in 1 is an environment friendly and biodegradable product full of natural and earthy goodness. As the name suggests it performs 3 jobs at the same time. It cleanses, disinfects and is a natural insect repellent. These are frequently used in hospitals, dental surgeries, kitchens and bathrooms as natural insect repellent. As an insect repellent Superkleen 3-IN ONE KLEEN FLO can help reduce exposure to mosquito or insect bites that may carry viruses, which can cause serious illness and even death. Using insect repellent allows you to continue to play and work outdoors with a reduced risk of insect bites.


RIG MASTER TURBINE CLEAN WB-60 was developed to give the maximum possible cleaning efficiency from a non-solvent chemical. RIG MASTER TURBINE CLEAN WB-60 is the most cost effective, environmentally friendly gas turbine compressor cleaner available anywhere and has been specifically designed to cope with the challenge of achieving excellent compressor cleaning results online and offline while doing no harm to your turbine, the environment, or the operator. RIG MASTER TURBINE CLEAN WB-60 is one of only a few cleaners to qualify for online and offline wash without containing any organic or inorganic solvents under the new rigid performance specification by the US Military now in the process of being adopted by engine manufacturers. RIG MASTER TURBINE CLEAN WB-60 safely and effectively cleans compressors on-line when running at any speed and load which offers gas turbine operators the opportunity to maintain maximum turbine efficiency for far longer than with conventional gas compressor cleaners.RIG MASTER TURBINE CLEAN WB-60 mixes readily with most antifreeze agents to allow sub-zero on-line/off-line cleaning. RIG MASTER TURBINE CLEAN WB-60 has been formulated to break rapidly and completely, leaving clean, oil free water for downstream wastewater treatment / recycling units.

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Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate

Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate is the triethanolamine salt of Lauryl Sulfate. It is a viscous, yellow liquid. In cosmetics and personal care products, TEA-Lauryl Sulfate is used in the formulation of a variety of products including shampoos, bath products, hair dyes and colors, shaving creams, and cleansing products.

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2-Amino-2-ethyl-1,3-propanediol is a primary amino alcohol.It is used in synthesis of surface-active agents, vulcanization accelerators, pharmaceuticals and as a emulsifying agent for cosmetic creams and lotions, mineral oil and paraffin wax emulsions, leather dressings, textile specialties, polishes, cleaning compounds.

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ABC 1106A-F Liquid Acid Cleaner

ABC 1106A-F Liquid Acid Cleaner is a concentrated liquid acid cleaner and descaler formulated to remove rust, oil, and laser welding scale on steel products. ABC 1106A-F is effective on aluminum as well, to remove welding marks and buildup. ABC 1106A-F is recommended for all steel parts requiring in process rust removal, brightening, or scale removal. ABC 1106A-F is a high temperature, high performance version of ABC 1106. ABC 1106A-F is a heavy duty acid cleaner and should be used on steel, cast iron, or aluminum parts in dunk or soak tanks. It is not recommended for use on galvanized, brass, or bronze parts. It may be used as part of a five or seven stage wash process prior to painting or coating parts. ABC 1106A-F contains a high level of surfactants and may be used to clean parts with heavy oil or soil loads. It is effective in removing welding scale and slag from laser welded parts. ABC 1106A-F contains a rust inhibitor to reduce attack on base metal. Use ABC 1106A-F for difficult cleaning duties at 12 – 20% and 170°F. ABC 1106A-F wash stage should be followed by a tap water rinse stage.

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PETER'S Paizal Phenyle Power- C

PETER'S Paizal Phenyle Power- C is disinfectant Fluid and it is belongs to Black of Class A. PETER'S Paizal Phenyle Power- C is formulated from Coal Tar Acids, Phenols, Substituted Phenols as active matter and natural vegetable oils and other emulsifying agents, perfectly blended to give soft characteristic smell.

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QS 400 Multi-Metal Soak Cleaner

QS 400 is a mildly alkaline metal cleaning compound with an efficient surfactant system; designed as a non-etch cleaner for aluminum, it is also effective on copper, brass, zinc, and ferrous metals; excellent for removing marking inks, drawing compounds, waxes, as well as normal shop oils; also performs as a burnishing compound for all metals; dilute with water before using; rinses completely; non-toxic; long bath life; low alkalinity.

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Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate

Sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate is mainly used to produce household detergents including laundry powders, laundry liquids, dishwashing liquids and other household cleaners as well as in numerous industrial applications like as a coupling agent and as an emulsifier for agricultural herbicides and in emulsion polymerization.

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TERGITOL NP-30 (70%) Surfactant

Tergitol NP-30(70%) is a non-ionic surfactant. It is highly water-soluble emulsifier & stabilizer.It is used in wetting agents & stabilizers, emulsifiers & dispersants, agrochemicals, cleaners & detergents.

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