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Swaroop Enterprises is the trader of various industrial chemicals like ammonia solution. Chemical nature of ammonia is described as colorless gas with a characteristic pungent smell. Buy our product ammonia which is composed of nitrogen and hydrogen elements. We are the supplier of ammonia to assist in making most nitrogen-containing compounds, fertilizers, and for refrigeration applications.


BMC 24X is a powerful, effective, inhibited acid cleaner designed to enhance mineralization removal in plants using hard water. Many alkaline products promote the formation of hardness salts and soaps. Safe on aluminum and most other plant metals when diluted according to instructions.

Bi Quat

Bi Quat contains two quaternary ammonium (quat) compounds. Registered with the E.P.A. as a sanitizer/disinfectant. For use on all surfaces as a post-rinse sanitizer at 200 ppm quaternaries. Requires a potable water rinse when used at disinfection levels.


BIRK-OX is an E.P.A.-registered, 5.6% active peracetic acid (PAA or peroxyacetic acid) liquid sanitizer. An excellent post-rinse sanitizer for all previously cleaned surfaces in all food processing operations.


Butamin is versatile cleaner for 'BUTAMIN' Aluminium Cleaner and its parts. Butamin is dressed with a surfactant, solvent and rust remover. Surfactant removes the soil from aluminum and prevents redeposition of it. Its wetting property enhances detergent action. Solvents remove oil and grease from the metal part this removal is influenced by surfactant. Rust remover, removes the rust without harming the metal. This keeps the metal smooth and shining. Butamin is concentrated material and it's to be used by diluting it with equal quantity of water. Triple action of Butamin makes it versatile cleaner for aluminum and is effective economically.

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DOOM 15 is a peroxiacetic acid based cleaner developed to be used in federally inspected meat, poultry and seafood processing facilities. If used as directed it is acceptable for direct or indirect contact in or on food, including fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and poultry.

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Dolosel is a specialty formulation for Laundry detergents, aids in enhancing cleaning power of the detergent.

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Dynamic is a specially formulated 'one shot' laundry liquid for both household and commercial applications. Dynamic is safe to use on whites, colours and synthetics in both top and front loading machines.

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Fomacid is a concentrated, self-foaming acid cleaner containing a mineral acid plus heavy-duty surfactants in an all-in-one cleaner and brightener. Strips hard water scale, protein, grease and dirt. Brightens equipment and tiled surfaces.


G-CATCH is specially designed to chemically remove formaldehyde and acetaldehyde that is emitted from new buildings and renovated spaces. It selectively neutralizes bad odors from aldehydes and chemically reacts with aldehyde, preventing re-release.

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