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Hydriclear 9100 is a custom blended organic cationic coagulant for use in water and wastewater treatment applications.

Sodium Silicate

Being engaged in delighting our customers, we present a vast collection of Neutral Sodium Silicate. As a distinguished Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, our collection consists of different varieties. The product on offer ensures the unsurpassed quality. It stays in high demand among our customers down to its optimum composition, purity and long shelf life. Our valued customers can avail it from us at an affordable price.

Tacelene Chem 4118

Tacelene Chem 4118 is a liquid coagulant based on polyamines used in water clarification. They may be used independently or supplemented with inorganic coagulants or with coagulants aids based on polyacrylamide. Tacelene Chem 4118 is efficient in removal of organics and oil from process water.

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Magnafloc LT25

Magnafloc LT25 is a potable water grade anionic polyelectrolyte. It is used as refinery flotation flocculant.Magnafloc LT25 can be used for a wide range of solid/liquid separation situations. Magnafloc LT25 flocculant enable highly efficient and cost-effective treatment. Magnafloc LT25 can used in drinking water treatments

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C410 is a synthetic coagulant. The synthetic or organic coagulants have the ability to replace partially or completely the classic coagulants of mineral origin. They stay effective in a wide range of pH without modifying it, therefore reducing the required dose of alkaline reagents in the coagulation process. For that reason they also reduce the sludge production, improve the later sludge dewatering and the effluent purification.

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Alphos is a Coagulant used for waste water treatment, pulp & paper, phosphate removal and some miscellaneous uses.

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PAC-SP is used as very effective and efficient coagulant for treatment of potable and waste waters;also effective in phosphate removal.

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Aquapacs are proprietary blends of inorganic or organic coagulants based on polyaluminum chloride and polyaluminum chlorohydrate.It can easily destabilize particles in suspension and accelerate floc formation.


MULTIFLOC is widely used for water treatment as a coagulant.

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FERRACHLOR is a Coagulant for potable and waste water treatment for the reduction of phosphorus in sewage Treatment.

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