Buy Food Colorings are type dyes pigments imparts colors solid foods, liquid foods


Caramel Color

Caramel color or caramel coloring is a soluble food coloring. It is made by a carefully controlled heat treatment of carbohydrates, generally in the presence of acids, alkalis, or salts, in a process called caramelization. It is more fully oxidized than caramel candy and has an odor of burnt sugar and a somewhat bitter taste. Its color ranges from pale yellow to amber to dark brown.

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Carminic Acid

Carminic acid is a red glucosidal hydroxyanthrapurin that occurs naturally in some scale insects, such as the cochineal and the Polish cochineal. The insects produce the acid as a deterrent to predators. The chemical structure of carminic acid consists of a core anthraquinone structure linked to a glucose sugar unit. It is used as coloring agent in food, cosmetics and meications. It is also used as histologic stains for biological materials.

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Gardenia Blue

Gardenia Blue, a natural food pigment, is got from the gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides ELLIS) fruit of madder family by biological fermentation.

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Indigo Carmine

Indigo carmine is a pH indicator. It is approved for use as a food colorant in the USA and the EU. It is also a redox indicator, turning yellow upon reduction. Another use is as a dissolved ozone indicator. It is also used as a dye in the manufacturing of capsules, and in obstetrics, Indigo carmine-based dye is used to detect amniotic fluid leaks.

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Gardenia Yellow

Gardenia Yellow, a pure natural and water soluble food color ,is extracted from the gardenia fruit of madder family (Gardenia jasmimoides ELLIS) by the process of crushing, extracting, filtrating, purifying, concentrating, sterilizing, spraying & drying. The main coloring ingredient is crocin and crocetin.

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Carthamus Yellow

Carthamus Yellow is obtained by extracting the corolla (petals) of Carthamus tinctorius L. with water or slightly acidified water and drying the extract. The principal colouring matters are safflomin A (hydroxysafflor yellow A) and safflomine B (safflor yellow B). Besides the colour pigments carthamus yellow consists of sugars, salts and/or proteins naturally occurring in the source materials. Food grade materials such as dextrin may be added as carriers for manufacturing dry, powdered items of commerce.

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Lithol Rubine BK

Lithol rubine BK is a synthetic azo dye. It is used to dye plastics, paints, printing inks, and for textile printing. It is normally used as a standard magenta in the three and four color printing processes. It is also used as a food dye.

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