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RHOPLEX 2438C is designed as a binder for elastomeric wall coatings. RHOPLEX 2438C produces durable coatings with the excellent elongation and recovery characteristics necessary to bridge dimensionally unstable cracks without cracking or wrinkling. It imparts excellent dirt pickup resistance to coatings, which then retain an attractive appearance as they age.

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RHOPLEX EI-5000 is a 100% acrylic emulsion polymer designed for use as a binder for trowel-applied, non-cementitious, weather-resistant barriers and adhesives. It is an excellent choice for EIFS with drainage systems due to its excellent resistance to bulk water intrusion while allowing the passage of water vapor, and for its adhesion to a variety of construction substrates.

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RHOPLEX EI-5100 is designed for use as a binder for non-cementitious water-resistive barriers (WRBs). It is an excellent choice for use in exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) with drainage systems due to its excellent resistance to bulk water intrusion while allowing the passage of water vapor, and for its adhesion to a variety of construction substrates. This product can be formulated into WRBs that can be roller- or trowel-applied.

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RHOPLEX EI-6000 is a 100% acrylic emulsion polymer designed for use as a binder when formulating clear matrix aggregate finishes for EIFS applications, clear sealers for granule-coated metal roof tiles, and primers and basecoats for elastomeric roof coatings. It offers excellent resistance to water blushing (or water whitening) when used on exterior surfaces.

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RHOPLEX EI-8764 is a 100% acrylic polymer that functions as the binder for non-cementitious EIFS components, including the basecoat, adhesive and finish coat. RHOPLEX EI-8764 imparts many important characteristics, including good water resistance, adhesion, durability, dirt pickup resistance, colorfastness and resistance to yellowing and chalking.

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Shalimar Diamond Hard

Shalimar Diamond Hard is a dry shake, metallic floor hardener with cleaned and graded, non-oxidizing metallic aggregate in a high strength cementitious binder. It is designed to be incorporated into fresh concrete slabs. Shalimar Diamond Hard provides a dense, tough surface with six times abrasion resistance than plain cured cement concrete. It is capable of withstanding the abrasion and impact loading seen by floors slabs of with numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities. Shalimar Diamond Hard has been specially formulated with a non-rusting aggregate for increased abrasion resistance in areas subject to frequent moisture or water exposure. Shalimar Diamond Hard can also be mixed in a mortar consistency and placed along joints to provide shoulder reinforcement.

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Sodium Gluconate construction retarder(hs code 2918160000)

sodium gluconate


1.It can be used as food additives.

2.It can be used as water quality stabilizer because it has excellent inhibiting capacity to scale. 

3.It can beused as surface cleaning agent of metal 

4.It can beused as cleaning agent of glass bottle 

5.It also can be used as water reducing agent and retarder in the building & construction industry.


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Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde(SNF


mainly used in concrete construction, so that not only the workability and hydration but also the strength and quality of concrete can be improved. When it is the first time to use this product or the concrete kind is changed, ratio need to be tested according to the material used in the construction, so that the best ratio can be found.


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Sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate powder (factory) Technical 91%

Construction Chemicals: 
Name: (Short for SNF, PNS, FDN)
Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde Condensition;
Poly Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate;
The product is made of naphthalene, sulfonic acid, HCHO and Alkali through sulfonation, condensation, hydrolyzation, and neutralization reaction.
We have 3 models: SNF-A; SNF-B; SNF-C.
Appearance Light Brown or Dark Brown Powder.
Solid Content 87~88~90~91~92~93~94~95
PH Value 7-9
Sodium Sulfate Content <5% <10% 20%
Chlorides Content <0.3% <0.4% <0.5%
Cement Flowing Rate ≥250 mm ≥240 mm ≥230 mm
Concrete Reducing Water Rate ≥14% ≥14% ≥14%
SNF is a kind of water reducing agent, and it can be used in:
1. Raw materials for concrete chemical admixture
2. Pre-casting
3. Pumping concrete
4. Architectural concrete
5. Fly ash concrete
6. Underwater concrete
25kg net bag or 650kg big bag, pallet or as per your request.

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hydroxyethylcellulose Purified 99%

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) is nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether, used as thickener, protective colloid, water retention agent and rheology modifier in different applications like water-based paints, building materials, oil field chemicals and personal care products.
Typical properties
Appearance White to off-white powder
Particle size 98% pass 100 mesh 
Molar substituting on degree (MS) 1.8~2.5
Residue on ignition (%) ≤0.5
pH value 5.0~8.0
Moisture (%) ≤5.0     
Popular grades 
Typical grade Bio-grade Viscosity 
(NDJ, mPa.s, 2%) Viscosity
 (Brookfield, mPa.s, 1%) Viscosity setting
HEC HS300 HEC 300B 240-360 LV.30rpm sp2
HEC HS6000 HEC 6000B 4800-7200 RV.20rpm sp5
HEC HS30000 HEC 30000B 24000-36000 1500-2500 RV.20rpm sp6
HEC HS60000 HEC 60000B 48000-72000 2400-3600 RV.20rpm sp6
HEC HS100000 HEC 100000B 80000-120000 4000-6000 RV.20rpm sp6
HEC HS150000 HEC 150000B 120000-180000 7000min RV.12rpm sp6  
Types of Uses Specific Applications Properties Utilized
Adhesives Wallpaper adhesives 
latex adhesives 
Plywood adhesives Thickening and lubricity
Thickening and water-binding
Thickening and solids holdout
Binders Welding rods 
Ceramic glaze
Foundry cores Water-binding and extrusion aid
Water-binding and green strength
Paints latex paint
Texture paint Thickening and protective colloid
Cosmetics Hair conditioners 
liquid soaps and bubble bath Hand creams and lotions Thickening
Thickening and stabilizing
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