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Selleys Liquid Nails Press N Go

Selleys Liquid Nails Press N Go is a multipurpose high quality construction adhesive in a convenient easy to use applicator. The features are it adheres well to wet and dry timber, so there is no need to wait for the timber to dry and it is easily extruded and easy to use in low winter temperatures. It is ready to use straight from the tube and hence no caulking gun is required. It bridges gaps on rough and ill fitting construction material.

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Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) MS Polymer Hybrid Polymers

Our silyl modified polymer (SMP) with Case Number: 216597-12-5, has the same function with Kaneka MS polymer and STP-E (Silyl-terminated polyether) of Wacker. It is also known as SMP, MSP, STP, MS Polymer, Silane modified polymers, Modified silane polymers, Silane terminated polymers, Silyl modified polyether, Modified silyl polyether, Silyl terminated polyether.

High performance resin, silyl modified polymers (SMP) are multifunction-terminated groups with special functional groups involved. They have excellent comprehensive properties combining the advantages of silicone and polyurethane polymers. Silyl modified polymers (SMP) are characterized by their environment-friendliness, moisture curing, weather resistance, storage stability , easy processing, as well as isocyanate and solvent free traits.

As the raw materials in bonding, silyl modified polymer (SMP) Hiposil x-series are predominantly used in elastic hybrid sealants and adhesives with no health risks from solvents, isocyanates or tin, and therefore meet the requirements of green development. These hybrid adhesives and sealants made of silyl modified polymer (SMP) are usually applied in the scope of building & construction, transportation, general industry and DIY.

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XtraBond 9500

XtraBond 9500 is a multi-purpose advanced polymer sealant. The product’s one component design ensures that it cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable bond and can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions (-40° F to 140° F). It is engineered to deliver aggressive adhesion with the most common construction substrates, while ensuring complete compatibility even with rubberized asphalt flashing and other flexible plastic building materials. It contains no solvents and very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs,) so it is easy on the environment. The product comes in many standard colors, and can be custom color-matched.

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XtraBond PanelMax

XtraBond PanelMax is a general purpose, construction grade adhesive engineered to provide an exceptional, highly adhesive, green strength bond. Manufactured for quick adhesion, it provides a strong bond to drywall, plywood, cement board, particle board, water board, ceiling tiles and sub floor, as well as all common construction substrates. It is ideal for bonding paneling, molding and foam board. The product’s no solvent, low VOC formula provides a safe and effective use on polystyrene foam.

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