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Chloroacetonitrile, also known as "cyanide chloromethane" has its chemical formula being ClCH2CN and the molecular weight being 75.50. It is colorless and fuming liquid with the melting point being 38 ℃ and boiling point being 126~127 ℃ (decomposition), 30~32 ℃ (2.0kPa), the relative density being 1.1930 and the refractive index being 1.420225. It is soluble in ether, alcohol and hydrocarbons but insoluble in water. It is highly toxic. It can form adduct with aluminum trichloride and react with various kinds of reagents including phloroglucinol trimethylether, methoxyacetophenone.

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CHROMA-CHEM DH colorants are specifically designed for tinting a wide range of acrylic, epoxy, urethane and vinyl systems. CHROMA-CHEM DH colorants are based on a phthalate-free plasticizer selected to have similar performance characteristics as typical phthalate containing plasticizer colorants.

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CICO ACRYL acrylic latex-based waterproofing compound is a light, white coloured liquid. Used in concrete and mortar where structure demands a high degree of waterproofing. Its components react directly with the free lime released in the hydration process of the Portland cement, resulting in a highly water repellant substance which is deposited through concrete/cement matrix.

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CICO NO.1 yellowish-coloured semi-paste liquid with a base of reactive additives, and micro-particles suspension, has anti-corrosive properties. It is integral to cement waterproofing compounds for concrete and mortar admixtures. CICO NO.1 is chloride free, corrosion inhibitor, reduces water absorption and dampness.

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CICO PLAST SUPER is second generation concrete admixture based on modified Sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde (SNF), combining the properties of super plasticisers with high degree of slump retention characteristics, high range water reducer and also acts as waterproofers for concrete.CICO PLAST SUPER is used for producing normal grade flowing concrete, pumped concrete, pre-stressed and denser concrete as well as in industrial/commercial flooring and floor toppings.

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CICO PLAST SUPER-HS is also a second generation concrete admixture based on a blend of specially selected organic polymers (SNF), combining the properties of super plasticiser with high degree of slump retention characteristics, high range water reducer and integral cement water proofer for concrete.It is used to either produce an extremely workable FLOWING CONCRETE without loss of strength or to enable large water reduction for the same workability which results in a dense, water tight concrete with higher ultimate strength.

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CICO POXY SCREED SL is a high-build three pack epoxy floor screed system with high chemical and abrasion resistance properties. It provides a non-dusting, easy to clean, non slipping floor and a levelled face for decorative floor, topping or coating.

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CICO SEALANT T 680 is two pack Polysulphide based joint sealant available in GUN GRADE and POUR GRADE. CICO SEALANT T 680 gun grade is a gun-applied, non-sag type for vertical joints and CICO SEALANT T 680 pour grade is for horizontal movement joints. When two packs are mixed, i.e. Polysulphide resin (Pack-A) with curing agent (Pack-B), it forms a tough, flexible, durable rubber like material with strong adhesive properties on most building substrates and joints.

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CICO SUPER is a blend of specialty active ingredients which makes concrete waterproof when there is permeability through hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption. CICO SUPER increases cohesion, reduces segregation and bleeding significantly.

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