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OMEGA-SIL alumino-silicate microspheres combine the advantages of low surface area, abrasion resistance and improved rheology. OMEGA-SIL microspheres provide a ball bearing effect, resulting in improved processing and application.


Promulsit non-ionic ED UNE 104231 bituminous emulsion, which is of a thick consistency and is soluble in water. It is resistant to the alkalinity of cement.

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SACI 5300

SACI 5300 corrosion preventive concentrate is a solvent based, wax-modified dispersion which can be used to formulate protective coatings for virtually all metal surfaces. This product will typically yield films which are moderately firm and waxy. It is polar in nature enabling these compounds to form highly adherent, water displacing films. Unique proprietary ingredients impart SACI 5300 with excellent water repellency characteristics while simultaneously providing improved viscosity stability and lighter color.

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SACI 5500

SACI 5500 is a thixotropic calcium sulfonate-wax blend dispersed in mineral spirits. It is supplied as a concentrate at 70% solids and can be easily diluted with mineral spirits for ease of handling during application. When diluted to 52% solids, it will meet or exceed corrosion preventive compounds. It will form a wax-like film when cured. These films have excellent adhesion to metal surfaces that will withstand severe humidity and salt spray corrosion exposure. It is widely used in ballast tank coatings, for various nonferrous coatings etc.

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SACI 6450

SACI 6450 is a waterborne, high solids, formulating concentrate. It will yield an oily film providing excellent corrosion resistance in 90 minutes. The oily film will not re-emulsify when exposed to moisture. It is designed to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This product is especially useful where the use of solvents is undesirable or where solvent emissions are restricted.

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SOLVITOSE starches are price performance competitive with methyl cellulose based wallpaper adhesives. SOLVITOSE carboxymethylated starch wallpaper adhesives dissolve easy, lumpfree, are pH neutral and in line with the latest legislation regarding preservatives.


SikaLatex is a modified Styrene Butadiene Emulsion to be mixed with cement (neat) or cement / sand mortar for improved adhesion and water resistance properties.

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TERNAL EV is a new patented calcium aluminate technology. It is the first product designed specifically for binary formulation development. TERNAL EV includes sufficient lime within its calcium aluminate mineralogy, such that when combined with a suitable source of calcium sulfate, the optimal ettringite formation is readily achieved.


Techoxy-3 is a two component epoxy resin based waterproofing compound. One part is consisting of epoxy resin and the other part with curing agent. It possesses all the attributes of normal solvent based epoxy compositions such as excellent water and chemical resistance, adhesion, hardness, toughness and mechanical strength.

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Tysol NCO

Tysol NCO is an excellent dispersing agent for cement particles & promotes fine dispersion with controlled rheological behavior of cementitious compositions ensuring for extended workability. Normal flow and slump characteristics can be maintained with a reduced water content ratio in the concrete mix, resulting in increased final strength.

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