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granofill is a natural mineral filler with a distinctive brilliant, luminous, and shining effect. It is available in different uniform, consistent colours.


granostar is a mineral raw material made from natural rock. It is extracted from selected, special-quality granites.


ARI RUSCON is a chemical solution, which reacts with rust and converts the same into an insoluble grayish black coating. This coating protects the metal from further rusting and provides a base for application of protective paint coating. ARI RUSCON rust converter for use on structures and re-bar prior to repair. It onverts rust immediately into a protective coating.

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Anhydur BN

Anhydur BN is used in building industry, construction material & plaster floor.

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Anhydur SA

Anhydur SA is used in building industry, construction material & plaster floor.

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Anhyplan M

Anhyplan M is used in building industry, concrete additives, construction material & plaster floor.

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Anhyplan P

Anhyplan P is used in building industry, construction material & plaster floor.

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Aradur 140

Aradur 140 is used for reactive adhesives, castings,heat-resistant mortars. It exhibits very high degrees of adhesion and flexibility along with good corrosion protection.

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Aradur 450

Aradur 450 is outstanding adhesion to wet concrete. Aradur 450 is suitable for concrete primers, high solids coatings for corrosion protection under severe conditions and marine maintenance.

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Ardex X 77

ARDEX X 77 is a high performance, fibre reinforced,polymer modified wall and floor tile adhesive, which has been specially formulated with Microtec Technology to give exceptional properties of adhesion. ARDEX X 77 is ideal for fixing all types of tiles including fully vitrified, porcelain, mosaics and non-moisture sensitive natural stone tiles. ARDEX X 77 contains Microtec Technology which greatly improves the adhesion strength, plus increases the ability of the mortar to be more capable of withstanding stress and shear strain. ARDEX X 77 is suitable for use in both internal and external applications and is especially suited to high performance situations with heavy pedestrian traffic e.g. shopping centres. ARDEX X 77 accommodates shrinkage movement associated with early age concrete and screeds. It can be used over concrete that is at least 7 days old and screeds and renders after 16 hours. ARDEX X 77 is efflorescence free due to the addition of special additives. ARDEX X 77 is also ideal for use in wet areas and swimming pools. ARDEX X 77 can be modified with the addition of ARDEX E 90 to give improved deformability (S2) and water repellent qualities.

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