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Anhydur SA

Anhydur SA is used in building industry, construction material & plaster floor.

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Anhyplan M

Anhyplan M is used in building industry, concrete additives, construction material & plaster floor.

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Anhyplan P

Anhyplan P is used in building industry, construction material & plaster floor.

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Aradur 140

Aradur 140 is used for reactive adhesives, castings,heat-resistant mortars. It exhibits very high degrees of adhesion and flexibility along with good corrosion protection.

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Aradur 450

Aradur 450 is outstanding adhesion to wet concrete. Aradur 450 is suitable for concrete primers, high solids coatings for corrosion protection under severe conditions and marine maintenance.

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Ardex X 77

ARDEX X 77 is a high performance, fibre reinforced,polymer modified wall and floor tile adhesive, which has been specially formulated with Microtec Technology to give exceptional properties of adhesion. ARDEX X 77 is ideal for fixing all types of tiles including fully vitrified, porcelain, mosaics and non-moisture sensitive natural stone tiles. ARDEX X 77 contains Microtec Technology which greatly improves the adhesion strength, plus increases the ability of the mortar to be more capable of withstanding stress and shear strain. ARDEX X 77 is suitable for use in both internal and external applications and is especially suited to high performance situations with heavy pedestrian traffic e.g. shopping centres. ARDEX X 77 accommodates shrinkage movement associated with early age concrete and screeds. It can be used over concrete that is at least 7 days old and screeds and renders after 16 hours. ARDEX X 77 is efflorescence free due to the addition of special additives. ARDEX X 77 is also ideal for use in wet areas and swimming pools. ARDEX X 77 can be modified with the addition of ARDEX E 90 to give improved deformability (S2) and water repellent qualities.

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BETEC Seal is a one component, cementitious coating for waterproofing of new and existing structures. It is a ready to used powder premix comprising cement, selected particle size quartz, synthetic resins and special additives. It is mixed with water using a slow speed drill and paddle to form a smooth slurry. The slurry is applied by brush in two or three coats to form a hard, durable waterproof cementitious coating.

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Betol 39 T

Betol 39 T are used in a wide variety of applications such as manufacture of construction and insulation material based on mineral and renewable organic raw materials, fire protection and refractory materials, ceramic products, manufacture of welding electrodes and wires etc.

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CICO ACRYL acrylic latex-based waterproofing compound is a light, white coloured liquid. Used in concrete and mortar where structure demands a high degree of waterproofing. Its components react directly with the free lime released in the hydration process of the Portland cement, resulting in a highly water repellant substance which is deposited through concrete/cement matrix.

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CICO SUPER is a blend of specialty active ingredients which makes concrete waterproof when there is permeability through hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption. CICO SUPER increases cohesion, reduces segregation and bleeding significantly.

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