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Nucell 500

Nucell 500 is a high performance cross linked polyethylene expansion joint filler specifically designed to be used in water retaining and water excluding structures subjected to hydrostatic pressures.

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Perma Seal

Perma seal is a dark brown powder which is used in waterproofing of old and new concrete structures. It is used effectively for arresting leakages from old and new leaky overhead and underground, waterproof old and new swimming pools, waterproof sunken slabs and lift pits. Perma Seal functions by crystallisation process. When Perma Seal slurry is applied on saturated concrete surface the active ingredients penetrate the water bearing capillaries of concrete and react with cement particles to form non soluble crystals which block these capillaries. Perma Seal remain on the surface of concrete to reactivate the crystallisation Process as and when a new capillary is formed.

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Proalastic is an anti-ionic bituminous emulsion of the EA UNE 104231 type of bitumen chemically modified with elastomers (Styrelf) with high capacity of adherence to the support, leaving a waterproof elastic film on it. It can be used for waterproofing walls, foundations, party walls, terraces, terrace roofs and a wide variety of surfaces.

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Roofcoat-3 is a heavy duty durable terrace waterproofing system, composed of specially developed highly elastic & durable acrylic polymers, incorporated graded fillers, lightfast & weather durable pigments, Micro-fibers, additives. It can be used as a liquid applied waterproofing membrane for all types of building terraces.

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SACI 2200A

SACI 2200A is an excellent choice for coating formulations, rheological modifiers to stabilize viscosity and as a pigment dispersing agent. It is a thixotropic 100% solids calcium organic rust preventive base designed for use as is or in formulations where corrosion prevention, resistance to flow at elevated temperatures, low volatility, high flash and fire resistance are required. Because it is not highly formulated, it generally serves as a formulating building block for customizing specialty products. Such additives as waxes, asphalts, resin oils, and other ingredients it can enhance performance.

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Termisolve is one of the best wood preservative. It is ideal for any type of wood, wood products, engineered wood products, deck, furniture, pole etc. Termisolve is one of the best wood preservative which is available in many formulations. Termisolve protects wood and wood products from fungi, decay, moist, termites, wood borers etc. and environmental factors. It used for wood treatment to protect wood from fungi, decay, mold, termites, wood borers. It increases structural strength of wood, span of wood, water resistance and controls moisture content.

Tesac 1990

Tesac 1990 is water-based release agent, for uses in cement molds, ceramic, plaster, wood or plastic.

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granoflour is a mineral raw material made of hard rock grains.granoflour is of the highest quality, and stands out against conventional products.


785 GENFLOR is a silica aggregate-based concrete non-metallic floor hardener.It is applied for colourful, abrasion-resistant floors and non-rusting floors.

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ARI PLAST M is used to improve the workability of cement mortar and prevent shrinkage cracks. Since the flowability of mortar increases, labour productivity increases saving costs. ARI PLAST M increases mortar workability,lowers rebound losses,prevents shrinkage cracks,improves adhesion and durability of the plaster.

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