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Abocast 4-4

Abocast 4-4 is a classic versatile machinable compound for making rigid poured molds and casting patterns of any size into the same or other molds. Abocast 4-4 is well suited for reproduction, vacuum-forming, patterns, fixtures, tooling, urethane foam molds, prototypes, engraving and cure boxes and/or casting into them.Abocast 4-4 reproduces precision detail.

Aradur 2844

Aradur 2844 is dicyandiamide derivative with good solubility in epoxy resins providing excellent transparency in clear coats. It is having outstanding flow, high gloss, good mechanical strength and good chemical resistance.

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Auracem 604

Auracem 604 is a liquid dispersing agent, for use as a grinding aid and performance enhancer for the production of portland and limestone cements. It is a glycol/amine based material widely used as an additive.

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BIOPOL TK 1 is a broad spectrum biocide based on water based combination of CMIT/MIT and formaldehyde. It is suitable for the preservation of a broad range of waterborne products. The balance of its active ingredients reduces the risk of contact allergic. BIOPOL TK 1 is an excellent in-can preservative for dispersion paints, dispersion plasters, polymer dispersions, glues, adhesives and sealants. The optimum dose of BIOPOL TK 1 as preservative should be determined by the means of challenge tests in our laboratories, but we can recommend a dose between 0,05 an 0,30 % depending on the application.


Benzylamine consists of a benzyl group attached to an amine functional group. This colorless liquid is a common precursor in organic synthesis. It is used as a masked source of ammonia, since after N-alkylation, the benzyl group can be removed by hydrogenolysis.

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BlocAide 35

BlocAide 35 is a special inorganic plasticizer with dispersing and wetting agent characteristics to improve semi-dry concrete products.

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Brushbond R

Brushbond R comprises a two component acrylic polymer modified cementitious coating supplied in ready to mix kits. It can be simply applied by stiff brush, roller, spray or trowel to obtain the desired texture. The features are it provides excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions and water, it is high resistance to the effects of long-term weathering, durable in all climatic conditions including UV attack and further it covers honeycombed and pitted poured concrete effectively.

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CONPRO FH-1 is a cementitious non-metalic abrasion resistant floor hardener.It is resistant to high abrasions,oil and grease.

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COREBOND OR is unique liquid to remove oil effectively from concrete floors. COREBOND OR removes oil, grease from concrete floors, neutralizes all alkalies present, provides an excellent base for epoxy/PU topping.

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CORECURE RB is resin based natural/pigmented curing compound. CORECURE RB used to retain moisture in concrete. CORECURE RB is suitable for all general concreting applications & of particular benefit for large area concrete surfaces such as airport runways,roads & bridges work.

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