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Monobond WF

Monobond WF is an easy-to-apply synthetic latex based multipurpose waterproof coating. Monobond WF is a site friendly waterproof coating which forms a polymer matrix upon addition with cement and acts as an effective barrier against moisture ingress.It is single component, non-toxic,forms polymer matrix with excellent mechanical strength properties,can be added to cement based systems like mortar and grouts for modification of properties.Monobond WF can be applied for waterproofing of sunken slabs, toilet blocks, terraces, slabs under brickbats, roofs, watertanks and also applied as an additive to cement mortar for waterproofing and resilience of the matrix.

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Nucell 1000

Nucell 1000 is a compressible, non-extruding bitumen impregnated fibre board suitable for forming structural expansion joints in concrete structures.

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Reebol 2010

Reebol 2010 is a ready to use mineral release agent that allows easy stripping of moulds and formworks. It is suitable for all kinds of molds, retains the characteristics of the concrete surface, allowing subsequent application of paints or coatings. The advantages are it allows the deferred stripping of concrete after setting, once applied, it is low sensitive to washout by rain and further it fits perfectly to the concrete with or without steam curing.

Spolostan 4

Spolostan 4 is a range of high-performance dispersing agents for coatings, pigments and dyes.Spolostan 4 is a highly efficient dispersing agent for paper, leather, rubber and plastic industries and levelling and dispersing agent for dyeing of textile and other materials. It is suitable for dyeing, preparation and stabilizing of dispersions and for suspension polymerization.

Spolostan 7

Spolostan 7 is high-molecular polynaphthalene sulfonate used as plasticizing and water reducing agent for concrete and mortar mixtures and in the process of making the gypsum boards. Spolostan 7 is suitable for concrete aging at both normal and increased temperatures, including the CSA technologies (steam curing, autoclaved concrete etc.). It is recommended for concrete with target compressive strength of 20-40 (50) MPa. Spolostan 7 is also favorable for prestressed concrete.


Synthro-Cor is used as corrosion inhibitors, anti flashrust.


Synthro-Pon is used as pigments wetting and dispersing agents.


UCRETE MFAS is a unique HD Polyurethane resin floor which provides a smooth protective antistatic floor finish suitable for applications in predominantly dry environments. UCRETE MFAS is used in the electronics industry to protect sensitive electronic devices and in explosion hazarded areas. It is dense and impervious, providing the ideal floor finish for applications in the electronics, food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries including clean room, laboratory, packing hall and warehouse applications and wherever a robust, long lived floor is required. UCRETE MFAS meets the anti-static requirements of BS5958, EN1081, DIN51953 and EN61340 and does not require regular maintenance for a long period of time.UCRETE MFAS is available in seven standard colours like Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Grey, Blue, Green / Brown.

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