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Uniseal 150

Uniseal 150 is a high performance one part low modulus polyurethane sealant specifically developed for the sealing of contraction and expansion joints in civil engineering and building structures.

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VISICRYL 97 is a pure acrylate binder for cementitius coatings, modification of cement mortar, etc to increase the flexibility and compressive strength.

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Vocaflex-LF are VOC free and/or VOC poor aqueous pigment preparations, which have been adjusted density wise and which can be used in dosing and mixing devices


ARI BLOCKAID additive for cement concrete blocks. ARI BLOCKAID improves the workability and compaction characteristics of cement mixes used for manufacturing blocks. It increases strength of blocks,prevents shrinkage cracks.

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AS-28 Sealer

AS-28 Sealer a free V.O.C. water-based hybrid siloxane sealer. It is designed as an effective penetrative sealer for various types of mineral and in-organic substrates. It is used for water based Acrylic, Silanes, Siloxane wall & floor coating systems.

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Airalon 3000

Airalon 3000 admixture is an aqueous complex mixture of organic acid salts. It is specially formulated concrete air-entraining admixture that provides freeze-thaw resistance, and enhances the finishability characteristics of concrete.

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BETEC 110 HS is a high sulfate-resistant cement based non-shrink grout with a grain size of 0 – 1 mm and an application thickness of 10-20 mm. It has controlled expansion and is used for applications in structural engineering such as grouting and under filling steel structures, machinery, rails, anchors, as well as grouting of concrete elements and foundations where high sulfate resistance is required.

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CORECOAT ARC a two component epoxy coating system specially formulated to withstand an incidental spillage upto 98% Sulphuric acid, 20% nitric acid and 30% Hydrochloric acid. CORECOAT ARC can be applied by brush or spray to give uniform finish.CORECOAT ARC is suitable for battery rooms, acid storage yards, plating shop, painting booths etc.

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CORECOAT CTE a two part coaltar epoxy based coating which provides protection to concrete and metal structures against corrosion from aggressive environments. It is mostly suited for structures in submerged conditions like pipelines, foundations, tanks, sewage works, docks, harbour installations, etc. CORECOAT CTE can be applied by brush or spray to give uniform finish by using airless spray equipment. Minimum nozzle pressure of 140 bar with an orifice size of 0.65-0.79 mm has been found suitable.

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CORECOAT PBC is two component high-solids polysulphide-modified epoxy coating to provide UV resistant, chemical and weather-resistant surface. CORECOAT PBC is generally suitable for steel structures to protect them from corrosion due to chemical fumes, marine attack and vigorous climatic conditions.

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