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Cebex FCC422

Cebex FCC422 is a plasticised expanding grout additive. The material is a combination of a plasticising agent, and a gas producing expansive medium, with suitable fillers; which generates gas during the hydration process before the initial set takes place, counteracts the natural settlement and shrinkage of the grout. Stability and cohesion of grout are greatly increased. The selected fillers used ensure uniform mixing. Expansion is controlled to avoid excess pressure built up but sufficient pressure is developed to provide complete contact of the grout with the bearing surfaces, without voids.

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Conbextra AT

Conbextra AT is a ready to use dry powder supplied which has been formulated specifically for grouting of bridge bearings and parapet post base plates. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a free-flowing grout with high early and ultimate strengths as well as long term durability, suitable for use in section thicknesses 10 mm to 100 mm. Thicker sections can be achieved by incorporating clean, dry 10 mm aggregate. The features are it is non-shrink, it has high early and ultimate compressive strengths, it provides good flow, its low permeability ensures durability and further it can be poured or pumped.

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ConcCare SPW

ConcCare SPW is super Plasticizers/Retarding Admixture, used for production of durable concrete with high mechanical properties, low permeability and high resistance to chemical and physical attack.

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Conplast AEA

Conplast AEA is a chloride free air entraining admixture based on neutralised vinson resin. It is supplied as a translucent water white coloured solution which instantly disperses in water. It acts at the interface between the mixing water and cement/aggregate particles to produce microscopic air bubbles, which are evenly distributed throughout the concrete. The entrained air enhances durability by providing protection against the rapid temperature changes found in freezing and thawing conditions and with the use of de-icing salts. Air entrainment increases the resistance of concrete to attack by frost and de-icing salts, reducing problems of surface scaling and concrete failure.

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DFOAM ACC 62 is a defoamer in free-flowing powder form suited for applications such as dry mix adhesives, oil & gas exploration, gas-cut mud, plaster compositions, joint compounds, cement patchings, putties and underlaying compositions. It is specially designed for those products that have been modified with polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, casein, soya protein, wheat flour, dextrin and similar materials.

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Fibfloor HTC

Fibfloor HTC is a dry shake, non metallic floor hardener with cleaned and graded iron aggregate.It is mainly used for industrial floors,warehouses,passenger and freight terminals.

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HALLCO C-491 is used in construction.


KEM FLOOR HT is ready to use non-metallic floor hardener based on especially high quality natural hard aggregates.It is resistant to petrol, diesel, and vegetable oils,abrasions.

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Optibent 602

Optibent 602 is a high-quality, activated layered silicate product which creates special properties in hydraulically hardening tile adhesives (CTA) due to its additional organic modification.

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PERMA SHIELD is a milky white liquid which has excellent waterproofing and protection properties. Perma Shield is effectively used in arresting nagging leakages and dampness from walls and protecting exposed reinforcements. It is used for waterproofing terraces, arresting rising dampness, and water proofing leakages from toilet units and sunk slabs, water proofing damp walls.

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