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DFOAM ACC 62 is a defoamer in free-flowing powder form suited for applications such as dry mix adhesives, oil & gas exploration, gas-cut mud, plaster compositions, joint compounds, cement patchings, putties and underlaying compositions. It is specially designed for those products that have been modified with polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, casein, soya protein, wheat flour, dextrin and similar materials.

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Fibfloor HTC

Fibfloor HTC is a dry shake, non metallic floor hardener with cleaned and graded iron aggregate.It is mainly used for industrial floors,warehouses,passenger and freight terminals.

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HALLCO C-491 is used in construction.


KEM FLOOR HT is ready to use non-metallic floor hardener based on especially high quality natural hard aggregates.It is resistant to petrol, diesel, and vegetable oils,abrasions.

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Optibent 602

Optibent 602 is a high-quality, activated layered silicate product which creates special properties in hydraulically hardening tile adhesives (CTA) due to its additional organic modification.

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PERMA SHIELD is a milky white liquid which has excellent waterproofing and protection properties. Perma Shield is effectively used in arresting nagging leakages and dampness from walls and protecting exposed reinforcements. It is used for waterproofing terraces, arresting rising dampness, and water proofing leakages from toilet units and sunk slabs, water proofing damp walls.

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Starcryl-A76 is specially formulated polymer emulsion for modifying cementitious compositions, cement primers, crack fillings, anchors and grouts, waterproofing and damp proofing. Mortars prepared with Starcryl A76 are durable tough and ideal for use in thin section applications. They have excellent adhesion to various substrates like wood, concrete, brick and metal.

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Tysil TS 100

Tysil 100 is a cement admixture specially developed to improve impermeability & mechanical properties of cementious compositions. Specially used for patching old plaster and exposed reinforcements in columns, beams, slabs etc. Also in for laying tough, wear resistant flooring. It shows excellent water proofing when used in cement compositions for building terraces, masonry and concrete walls.

Tysol SM 011

Tysol SM is an excellent dispersing agent for cement particles and extensively used in concrete, mortars and self-leveling compositions. It promotes fine dispersion with controlled rheological behavior of cementitious compositions ensuring for extended workability.

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