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KAMICRYL - 76 is used as an acrylic cement mortar modifier.

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Kemibond-S400 is an acrylic polymer based effective waterproofing solution and mortar modifier. Kemibond-S400 is used for preparing flexible mortars with hydraulic binder, for ceramic tiles: flexible, waterproof two-component cementitious coating: and flexible, cement-containing insulating coating. It can be applied in combination with asphalt emulsions and for modifying hydraulic binders and granular aggregates.

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Mandolite CP2

Mandolite CP2 is a spray applied, single package factory controlled premix, based on vermiculite and Portland cement, for internal use. Mandolite CP2 produces a monolithic coating able to withstand the thermal shocks experienced in a high intensity cellulosic fire. Mandolite CP2 is used for application to steel and concrete frames, metal floor or roof decks, and return air plenums. It may be easily removed and reinstated locally when additional fixings are required.

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MasterPel 707

MasterPel 707 is a liquid admixture for concrete to achieve high resistance to water ingress. It is based on a blend of surface active agents and refined lignosulphonate. MasterPel 707 should be used in all structural concrete that is constantly or intermittently in contact with water such as sea walls, tunnels, basements, structural and pre-cast concrete in exposed superstructures. MasterPel 707 can also be used as waterproofing cum plasticizing admixture for cement mortars and plasters.MasterPel 707 produces water tight concrete by capillaries breaking technics.

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MasterTile 15

MasterTile 15 is Coloured, joint grout for ceramic, vitrified tiles.It sets to a decorative water resistant finish (it is not suitable for heavily trafficked floor areas). MasterTile 15 is used in Swimming pools & shower rooms,Ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles,Natural Stone not prone to staining,Medium and small sized mosaic.

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MasterTile 30

MasterTile 30 is a polymer enriched, cementitious tile adhesive for thin bed fixing of ceramics and vitrified tiles in interior or exterior situations, especially those exposed to permanently wet conditions.It provides strong adhesion to cement / sand screeds, to in-situ / pre-cast and aerated concrete,and brickwork. It is also suitable for substrate such as glazed tiles, Vitrified tiles & terrazzo. MasterTile 30 is the adhesive of choice for swimming pools and may be used with confidence in all wet process applications.

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MasterTop 100

MasterTop 100 is a pre-mixed powder designed to be applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete floor. MasterTop 100 is recommended for treating floor areas not exposed to serious chemical attack and where uniform appearance and enhanced abrasion resistance are desired. MasterTop 100 creates an aesthetically pleasing, colored floor with significantly improved abrasion resistance. It is based on selected hard wearing mineral aggregates blended with alkali and light fast pigments and hydraulic binders. It is easy to clean. MasterTop 100 is applied for Light Industrial and commercial buildings, Basement and cellars, Mechanical workshops, Storage rooms, Educational institutions, Parking areas and Loading platforms.

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MasterTop 410

MasterTop 410 is a non-metallic floor hardener, which contains specially graded non-metallic hard wearing natural aggregates.MasterTop 410 is not recommended for use in areas where floor surface will be exposed to acids, their salts or materials which seriously and rapidly attack concrete. For applications under these service conditions consult BASF about their range of chemical resistant flooring systems, such as MasterTop 1200 series. MasterTop 410 can be easily applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete to provide a durable, non-slip monolithic floor.

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Mycron - 6055

Mycron - 6055 is a polymeric emulsions for cements & non cementus coating.

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Nappar Fluids

Nappar fluids are high-volatility solvent used in industrial adhesive formulations in place of toluene.Recommended for replacement of aromatic-containing solvents,Lower odor than corresponding aromatic solvents.

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