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Nitoproof 600

Nitoproof 600 is a single component pitch modified polyurethane which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give a tough elastomeric waterproof membrane. It is a medium viscosity grade for roller, squeegee or spray application to horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is highly elastic, cures to give a permanently flexible resilient barrier over a wide range of temperatures. It provides excellent adhesion and can be applied to a wide range of substrates and further its continuous adhesion prevents lateral migration of water.

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Optibent 1008

Optibent 1008 is a high-quality, activated and organically modified layered silicate product which creates thixotropic properties in dry-mix mortars.

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Osakryl AB 20

Osakryl AB 20 is a universal water dispersion of acrylic copolymer which is mainly recommended as a basic bonding agent for high-quality decorative and protective facade coatings resistant to changing weather conditions.

Osakryl AW 24

Osakryl AW 24 is a water dispersion of acrylic copolymer. Product is designed as a basic multipurpose binder for decorative and protective wood coatings, such as primers, base coats, enamels and lacquers. It can be used with all available raw materials designed for water-based products formulation.

Peramin AXL80

Peramin AXL80 is a new accelerating system based on Lithium Sulfate, the best accelerator for Kerneos Calcium Aluminates Cement rich mortars mix-design. Peramin AXL80 brings a faster development of mechanical properties at early age at 23°C and 5°C, in comparison with conventional accelerating systems well known in Building Chemistry.


RHOPLEX 2438C is designed as a binder for elastomeric wall coatings. RHOPLEX 2438C produces durable coatings with the excellent elongation and recovery characteristics necessary to bridge dimensionally unstable cracks without cracking or wrinkling. It imparts excellent dirt pickup resistance to coatings, which then retain an attractive appearance as they age.


RHOPLEX HA-16 is a firm binder with excellent durability. It offers formulating flexibility with additives due to its nonionic nature and is especially suggested for battery separators and other industrial nonwovens applications. RHOPLEX HA-16 is used for bonding industrial nonwovens based on glass or polyester


SikaGrout-214 is a dual-shrinkage compensated self-levelling, premixed cementitious grout with extended working time to suit local ambient temperatures. It is an economical and easy to use material requiring the simple addition of water.

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Starcryl-A400 is used in manufacture of flexible waterproofing two component adhesive mortars and of flexible insulating coatings containing cement. Starcryl-A400 is especially good for the manufacture of systems used to bridge cracks and for flexible coatings.

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Tysol NCO - S

Tysol NCO - S is low sulphate containing dispersing agent for cement particles & promotes fine dispersion with controlled rheological behavior of cementitious compositions ensuring for extended workability. Normal flow and slump characteristics can be maintained with a reduced water content ratio in the concrete mix, resulting in increased final strength.

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