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Wabo Crete II

Wabo Crete II is a two component polyurethane with a specialty aggregate, 100% solids material for use in exterior construction environments.Wabo Crete II absorbs traffic impact loads and evenly disperses them into the deck, while allowing the system to flex with deck loads.It is resistant to ozone, deicing chemicals, and abrasives.The addition of heat is not required to increase flow or cure the material.Wabo Crete II will self-level in the blockout.When required-please contact WBA Representative for appropriate State specific aggregate.

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Wacker OH 100

Wacker OH 100 is a solvent-free, ready to use product for the consolidation of building materials. It is used for the restoration of natural stone, stucco or frescoes affected by climatic conditions.By spraying, brushing or dipping into the product depending on the object to consolidate. For a good impregnation, the materials must be saturated.

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Apcotex PC 400

Apcotex PC 400 is a speciality Styrene-Butadiene Latex with improved flexibility and used as an admixture in cement mortar and concrete. Apcotex PC 400 is manufactured by employing state-of-the-art emulsion polymerization technology ensuring product consistency. Apcotex PC 400 is belongs to Non carboxylated Acrylonitrile Butadiene Copolymer Latex. It is also used for manufacture of automobile gasket, brake shoe lining.

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Aquacid 109 EX

Aquacid 109EX is an organophosphonate, which offers multiple properties like sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability in a single active ingredient leading to a multiple of applications. Aquacid 109EX is used in detergents as an incrustation control agent and for stabilization of bleach components. It is also used for cement set retardation, oil field formulations and as a peroxide bleach stabilization agent in textile auxiliaries. Aquacid 109EX is practically non-toxic by ingestion and dermal application, slightly irritating to the skin and moderately irritating to the eyes.

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Aquaprint Tint

Aquaprint Tint products are water based pigment dispersions for the deco paint, wood stain and surface coating industries.


Benzoguanamine is used as a cross-linking agent of alkyd and acrylic resin to increase thermoset properties. It is used as a raw material for guanamine resins. It is used as a modifier and flexibilizer of formaldehyde resins. It is used as a intermediate for pharmaceuticals.

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CALGROUT No. 1 is flowable, easily placed metallic non-shrink grout that insures full load late support, maintains, alignment, withstands impact vibration and pounding action, hardens in 6-12 hours.

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CALGROUT No. 2 is a special flash-setting grout for use where setting time of 30 seconds or so is required.

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CHROMA-CHEM DH colorants are specifically designed for tinting a wide range of acrylic, epoxy, urethane and vinyl systems. CHROMA-CHEM DH colorants are based on a phthalate-free plasticizer selected to have similar performance characteristics as typical phthalate containing plasticizer colorants.

Conplast WP400

Conplast WP400 is a hydrophobic pore-blocking waterproofing admixture. It will drastically reduce water absorption in structural and precast concrete. It is suitable for use in below ground structures, reinforced concrete in marine areas, piles, water retaining structures, manholes, waste water treatment and desalination plants. It provides integral protection, ensuring reduced permeability throughout the concrete.

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