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IDCRYL CA 1055 is having good flexibility in cementious waterproof membranes.

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Ironite No.101

Ironite No.101 is applied over clean concrete surface.It is used as non-metallic floor hardener.

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KAMICRYL - 295 is used for for production of cementatious waterproofing coatings.

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KAMICRYL-400 is used for flexible waterproof cement bonding.

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MASTERFLEX 472 is a single component joint sealants material based upon polyurethane resins. It is formulated for joint sealant for walls, ceilings, expansion joints in buildings and civil works.

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MasterFlow 150

MasterFlow 150 is a plasticised expanding admixture for cement slurry and grout. MasterFlow 150 is a powder additive which when mixed with cementitious system imparts shrinkage compensation and high flowability, pumpability to the mix. It produces controlled expansion and minimises water demand. MasterFlow 150 is a simple to use stable product for grouting post tensioned cable ducts by mixing with cement.

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MasterKure 181

MasterKure 181 is a non-degrading, membrane forming liquid based on specially formulated acrylic resin suitable for curing newly placed or freshly deshuttered concrete; assists in the retention of water during hydration.MasterKure 181 is available as a clear translucent liquid and white solar reflective version.MasterKure 181 helps in minimising water curing and allows concrete to cure with available inbuilt moisture. It forms layer over casted concrete which will not allow to evaporate insider moisture.

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MasterLife CNI

MasterLife CNI is a calcium nitrite based corrosion-inhibiting admixture for steel reinforced concrete. MasterLife CNI helps in minimising and delays corrosion of steel reinforcement and improves structure life. It provides effective corrosion protection against chlorides in concrete,extends the service life of reinforced concrete structures,set acceleration, which may be desirable in cold weather applications.

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MasterMatrix 2

MasterMatrix 2 is a ready-to-use, liquid, organic, viscosity-modifying admixture (VMA) specially developed for producing concrete with enhanced viscosity and controlled rheological properties.MasterMatrix 2 admixture exhibits superior stability and controlled bleeding characteristics, thus increasing resistance to segregation and facilitating placement.MasterMatrix 2 improves viscosity of concrete which helps to make itself consolidated and also to get anti wash out properties. MasterMatrix 2 shows increased viscosity & thixotropic properties,improved stability during transport & placing,controlled bleeding,reduced segregation, even with highly fluid mix,enhanced pumping and finishing,reduced sagging-dimensional stability.

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MasterSeal 345

MasterSeal 345 membrane is a sprayable membrane for waterproofing concrete structures and water management. MasterSeal 345 membrane is spray-applied between layers of sprayed or cast-in-place concrete or as a stand-alone membrane. MasterSeal 345 membrane exhibits high bond strength to the substrates on both sides of the membrane with good elasticity. MasterSeal 345 membrane can be directly applied to damp sections of substrate.

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