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MasterSeal 505

MasterSeal 505 is a blend of hydraulic cements, well-graded sands and additives supplied in dry powder form. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce a ready-to-use, ultra-rapid setting, plugging mortar. Water flow can be stopped by mixing the MasterSeal 505 to a malleable consistency and using as a plug. MasterSeal 505 is used for stopping active water or seepage under pressure through joints, cracks and holes in concrete or masonry, where a normal mortar would be washed away and resin would not bond, seal for construction joints or floor joints prior to basement tanking with MasterSeal, instant sewer connections, rapid anchoring of bolts, conduits, pipes, railings, sanitary equipment,joint filling and pointing between concrete segments in concrete and brick tunnels, sewage systems, pipes and mines.MasterSeal 505 is an easy to use ultra-rapid setting mortar which sets in typically 30 – 60 seconds to plug active water leaks in concrete and masonry

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MasterSeal 901

MasterSeal 901 is low-viscosity, hydro-swelling, thermosetting resin based on vinyl ester metha-acrylate chemistry for injection of fine cracks and injecting the Re-injectable hose.

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MasterSeal 909

MasterSeal 909 is a blue flexible PVC hose which comprises a solid core and lateral openings covered by neoprene strips, all banded by an open webbed nylon mesh. MasterSeal 909 is designed to replace waterbar for use in concrete structures which contain joints other than expansion joints and subject to hydrostatic pressure on one or both faces of the structure.MasterSeal 909 is an advanced injection hose system that is tough, flexible and resilient, made of chemically inert polymer for installation in construction joints. It enables injection of joints for watertightness, any number of times during the life of structure. MasterSeal 909 eliminates costly design, welding and installation of waterbar.

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MasterSeal 910

MasterSeal 910 Waterbar is suitable for all construction joints subject to hydrostatic pressure, on one or both sides. MasterSeal 910 provide simple but efficient waterproofing of construction joints.MasterSeal 910 is a hydro-swelling waterbar, ready for installation in construction joints to render the joints leak proof. It is based on specially designed polymer composite that acts by undergoing reversible swelling on exposure to water to form an effective seal.MasterSeal 910 is based on a newly developed polymer technology providing flexible polymer composites which have high chemical resistance capable of storing water in their molecular structure by increasing their volume. MasterSeal 910 provides simple but efficient waterproofing of construction joints. MasterSeal 910 has been successfully employed to waterproof joints where an opening of up to 5mm was deliberately created.

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MasterTile 400

MasterTile 400 is a grey colored, polymer enriched, cementitious tile adhesive with extended open time and reduced slip for thin bed fixing of fully vitrified ceramic tiles and porcelain mosaic tiles in interior or exterior situations, especially those exposed to permanently wet conditions. MasterTile 400 provides strong adhesion to cement/sand screeds, to in-situ/pre-cast and aerated concrete, and brickwork. It is also suitable for fixing Glazed tiles, Vitrified tiles & Terrazzo. MasterTile 400 is suitable for Ceramic tiles conforming to IS13712(2006) type Ia, Ib, IIa ,IIb tiles,wet areas including kitchen, bathrooms &Showers in domestic, institutional, commercial and industrial location,Floors, Walls, Podium decks, roofs including large format tiles,Laying Ceramic, Porcelain Mosaic, Fully vitrified tiles and brick tiles,Swimming pools, pool surrounds, wet rooms and cold storage depots.

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MasterTop 1202

MasterTop 1202 is a three-component, solvent free, high build epoxy resin coating designed to provide continuous protection for concrete substrates. MasterTop 1202 is recommended to coat new floors & floors needing refurbishment, where protection from spillage of oil and other common chemicals is required. MasterTop 1202 is used to provide a hard wearing, easily cleaned and non-dusting surface. MasterTop 1202 provides a protective coating which is impermeable to liquids, abrasion resistant and easy to clean. MasterTop 1202 used for Engineering workshops, Production and assembly lines, Aircraft maintenance and assembly, Industrial & Warehousing floors, Parking Areas and Laboratories.

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MasterTop 1620

MasterTop 1620 is an easy to apply solvent free epoxy primer for MasterTop flooring systems which seals pores in concrete. MasterTop 1620 can easily seals the pores in concrete and gives good bond to concrete.

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MasterTop 1705

MasterTop 1705 is durable coloured coating based on an advanced water-dispersed, two-part epoxy resin. MasterTop 1705 can be applied on a wide variety of substrates such as concrete, masonry, etc. It is recommended as a protective coating on floors and walls where both high levels of aesthetics and chemical resistance are desired. MasterTop 1705 has been specially formulated to provide a durable coating system. MasterTop 1705 is suitable for contact with water intended for human consumption. It conforms to the Overall mitigation standards laid down in 21CFR175-300 of US-FDA for contact with potable water at room temperature.

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Mr. Expert PBR

Mr. Expert PBR is special polymer based single pack waterproofing membrane. It is ideal for waterproofing of any surface which has moderate foot traffic. It is used as waterproofing compound for slabs, terraces, balconies, basements, parapet walls, water tanks, Ac sheets, roofs, decks etc. etc. It is also used as bonding agent for old and new constructions. It is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, freeze/thaw, salty water, humidity and atmospheric changes. It also provides strong barrier for water and moisture.

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Nitocote CM650

Nitocote CM650 is designed to coat concrete or masonry structures with a thin layer of a cementitious decorative and waterproofing coating, applicable by brush, roller or spray, giving a concrete-like appearance. It covers concrete imperfections such as cracks, pores, roughness, voids or other defects in the concrete surface. It seals the walls and ceilings of concrete or mortar as well as shrinkage cracks.

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