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SYLVACOTE 4984 is a maleic modified ester derived from a specially selected rosin feed designed for use in thermoplastic road-marking formulations.SYLVACOTE 4984 resin was optimized to provide superior color stability at elevated temperature.

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SYLVACOTE 6101 is an ester of rosin, which has been stabilized to provide heat and aging stability.The stability,low volatility and polymer compatibility of this SYLVACOTE 6101 make it useful in a wide variety of road marking applications.SYLVACOTE 6101 is recommended for use in thermoplastic roadmarking applications.

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SYLVACOTE 7021 is designed for use in thermoplastic road-markings. It is also used in coatings lacquers, low-bake enamels, grease-resistant coatings, and in printing inks. SYLVACOTE 7021 product promotes hardness, high gloss and adhesion. SYLVACOTE 7021 is used in thermoplastic road marking applications as well as in nitrocellulose lacquers. It is also used in soft oil varnishes for architectural finishes to give high gloss, hardness and adhesion.

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SYLVACOTE 7118 is a maleic modified ester of a specially selected rosin feed. SYLVACOTE 7118 has been designed for use in thermoplastic road-marking formulations.

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Sika Formol-EX

Sika Formol-EX is a chemical release agent for use on both timber and steel moulds. It is designed and formulated to function as a bondbreaker between formwork or moulds and freshly placed concrete. Sika Formol-EX offers protection to both steel and timber formwork as it acts as a rust inhibitor and waterproofer.Sika Formol-EX can be used with excellent effect on formwork designed to produce all types of finishes, from fair-faced to texture. It has been found to assist in the protection of equipment used in the handling and placing of concrete. A thin coating on bowls, barrows, skips, shovels, etc.

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Sika Formol-WB

Sika Formol-WB is a ready-to-use, water-based mould release agent which is designed to provide easy release of formwork. It is based on a blend of refined oils, specially formulated for their high quality surface finish and stability.Sika Formol-WB when applied to steel, plastic and timber formwork allows clean, fast and easy striking.

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TRIOBAN PC NXZ is a blend of mineral oil with fatty acid esters.This product will minimize foaming commonly encountered in the production and application of mortars, adhesives and plasters. TRIOBAN PC NXZ is very effective in removing entrapped air in building products when the air content must be minimized. This is especially important for cement or anhydrite gypsum-based self-leveling compounds, which require a smooth surface appearance.

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ZacroSeal C222

ZacroSeal C222 sealer is a VOC free penetrating and non film-forming sealer developed using fluoropolymer technology. ZacroSeal C222 sealer is formulated to provide high water repellency to concrete. This sealer penetrates deep inside the concrete providing excellent water and stain resistance. It works by forming thin fluoropolymer resin film on substrate pores and penetrating deep into substrate.

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ZacroSeal Gold

ZacroSeal Gold is an improved performance penetrating and non film-forming sealer. ZacroSeal Gold sealer penetrates deep inside the stone providing water and stain resistance. Active ingredients are developed and manufactured in Germany and consist of silane and siloxane. After application, ZacroSeal Gold works by forming thin silicone resin film on substrate pores and penetrating deep into substrate.

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top-granoflour is a natural raw material. It is prepared, processed and further refined using the very sophisticated methods.

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