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CORECRYL SEALER is a liquid, membrane-forming sealing compound for concrete. It protects new concrete and reduces crazing, spalling and flaking on the surface. It has a good abrasion resistance and is typically used in decorative stamp concrete, paving blocks etc.

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COREPLAST LW200 is liquid integral waterproofing admixture for concrete and mortar based on fatty acids. COREPLAST LW200 reduces permeability in mortar and concrete thus helping reducing shrinkage cracks as well as making them more cohesive.

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Calcium Formate

Calcium formate, is the calcium salt of formic acid. It is used as a food additive. The mineral form is very rare and called formicaite. It is known from a few boron deposits. It may be produced synthetically by reacting calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide with formic acid.

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Calcium Nitrite

Calcium nitrite is used as hardening accelerator for cement and antifreeze inhibitor. Besides, it is also used as corrosion inhibitors for the pharmaceutical industry, organic synthesis and lubricants.

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Color guard 2LV

Color guard 2LV is a new and improved plasticizing and integral waterproofing admixture used to increase the strength and density while helping to control water absorption and efflorescence in cast stone products.

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Conplast WP410F

Conplast WP410F is a hydrophobic waterproofing admixture. It will drastically reduce water absorption in structural and precast concrete. It is suitable for use in sewage facilities, channels, power plants, hydraulic works, water pipes, pools, underground concrete walls and in general, all types of concrete and mortar in contact with water.

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Conplast X421IC

Conplast X421IC is an intergral waterproofing liquid admixture for concrete and mortar. It is a dark brown liquid based on lignosulphonates which mixes readily with water and therefore disperses evenly. The features are it improves compaction of concrete and mortar, even where harsh sands or aggregates are used and further it minimises porosity and honey combing and produces dense homogenous concrete.

Eucon Blocktite

Eucon Blocktite is an integral water repellent for concrete masonry. It is a ready-to-use liquid admixture formulated to resist moisture penetration and migration in concrete masonry products. This unique polymer formula is added directly to the concrete mixture which forms a protective barrier throughout the masonry unit. It also inhibits the transport of soluble salts that cause secondary efflorescence. It contains no added chlorides and will not promote corrosion in steel. It can be used above or below grade, exterior or back-up walls.

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KAMICRYL E-2505 is an acrylic copolymer used extensively in premium elastomeric high-build & ov resistant roof coatings.

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MASTER PRIME-CN is a two component product based on non solvent epoxy base and epoxy hardener. It binds the epoxy products firmly to the cementitious bases. It is applied on a dry concrete surface which is at least 28 days old before laying epoxy flooring materials or coatings. It is resistant to alkalies hence there is none for the cumbers one process of acid itching the surface.

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