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Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium oxide is a mineral that occurs naturally as periclase and is a source of magnesium. It is one of the raw materials for making Portland cement in dry process plants. It is an efficient moisture absorbent used by many libraries for preserving books. In medicine, magnesium oxide is used for relief of heartburn and sore stomach, as an antacid, magnesium supplement, and as a short-term laxative. It is also used to improve symptoms of indigestion. It is used as an insulator in industrial cables, as a basic refractory material for crucibles and as a principal fireproofing ingredient in construction materials. It is used as a reference white color in colorimetry, owing to its good diffusing and reflectivity properties. It may be smoked onto the surface of an opaque material to form an integrating sphere. It is also used as a protective coating in plasma displays.

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MasterCast 1162

MasterCast 1162 is a plasticiser liquid admixture with air entraining properties. It is ideally suited for factoryline concrete production such as block making. ‚ÄčMasterCast 1162 assists in the manufacture of a more uniform and predictable concrete. MasterCast 1162 may also be used in dry pack, standard and light weight concrete production. MasterCast 1162 is mainly for Dry or Semi dry mortars to improve cohesiveness, setting time, strength, finishes of masonary blocks, paver blocks, plasters etc.

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MasterEmaco 141

MasterEmaco 141 is a milky-white, Styrene Butadiene co-polymer latex liquid, produced from styrene and butadiene by high pressure emulsion polymerization. MasterEmaco 141 is a specifically designed for use with cement compositions. It is used in mortar and concretes as a polymer modifier to increase resistance to water penetration, improve abrasion resistance and durability. It is used with cement as a reliable water-resistant bonding agent. MasterEmaco 141 concrete repair, floor screeds and toppings, external rendering, waterproofing and tanking fixing slip bricks and tiles corrosion protection of steel.

MasterSet RT 55

MasterSet RT 55 is a powerful retarder and auxiliary plasticiser which disperses and deflocculates cement particles whilst delaying the hydration process, thereby retarding the initial and final set. MasterSet RT 55 can be used to improve workability without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content in conjunction with high range water reducing agents.MasterSet RT 55 is used for extended workability retention of high strength, low W/C ratio mixes, white cement concrete, slipformed concrete. It increases density of concrete reducing, allows a reduction in free water. MasterSet RT 55 is highly effective in high cement content low water cement ratio mixes where its use enables concrete to be made more workable without loss in strength, density and durability.

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Mastermold 12-3

Mastermold 12-3 is a flexible polyurethane moldmaking paste for architectural and art restoration. Mastermold 12-3 is used for making molds of architectural elements that cannot be removed from the structure. MasterMold 12-3 is easily spread on the model to produce a smooth, bubble-free mold surface that captures the finest details. The molds are ready to use in less than one day. Its elasticity, softness, and high strength permit easy peeling from intricate shapes. Its outstanding dimensional memory permits casting molds without any exterior support in some instances.

Mastermold 12-8

Mastermold 12-8 is liquid polyurethane moldmaking compound that is a pourable version of MasterMold 12-3. Mastermold 12-8 is best suited for making molds of objects or structures that can be laid flat in a container so that the moldmaking compound can be poured onto and around them.

Mowilith DM 611

Mowilith DM 611 is a plasticizer-free aqueous dispersion based on styrene and an acrylic acid ester. It is used in pasty building adhesives, ceramic tile adhesives as well as putties and fillers.

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Mowilith DM 778

Mowilith DM 778 is a plasticizer-free aqueous dispersion based on acrylic and meth acrylic acid esters. It is used in bonding slurries, mortar modification, building emulsions.

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OMEGA-SPHERES A are new hollow ceramic microspheres, produced especially for use in price sensitive applications.

Osakryl OSA S20

Osakryl OSA S20 is a water dispersion of styrene-acrylic copolymer. It is mainly recommended as a multipurpose basic bonding agent for an interior and facade decorative and protective coatings (paints and plasters as well as for primers and others).Osakryl OSA S20 in coatings exhibits very good adhesion to various porous materials, especially cement, cement-limestone, etc. porous substrates; very good wet scrubbing resistance and good alkali resistance.

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