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DFOAM ACC Liquid is an effective antifoam suited for oil well cement slurries. It is particularly designed to eject entrained air from Organic admixtures. It is also used in making Polyvinyl alcohol based clear adhesives as it does not impart haze to the final product. It will eliminate entrained air which causes problem in pumping, trowelling and complete cavitt filling. It will also prevent excessive shrinkage, porosity and weakness of the set cement.

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ELOTEX BRICOR800 is a styrene/acrylic redispersible binder in powder form. It provides several efflorescence preventing mechanism, resulting to an efficient efflorescent reduction to low cement decorative finishes. Due to styrene/acrylic polymer base, it performs outstanding adhesion/cohesion properties and maintains the aesthetic appearance of surfaces for long period of time.

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KELCO CRETE DG-F is a fine mesh, rapid hydrating, water soluble biopolymer produced by fermentation for use in gypsum and hydraluic cementitious systems, as a viscosity modifying agent.KELCO CRETE DG-F provides excellent suspension and emulsion stability at lower viscosities, improved pumping, placement and workability and exhibits low viscosity while processing and also improves shelf life stability of high pH products.

MasterBrace 1414

MasterBrace 1414 is a solvent free, high performance, long pot life, versatile epoxy bonding agent. MasterBrace1414 can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces and adheres to most substrates after proper preparation. MasterBrace 1414 resists most common organic and inorganic acids in diluted form, also resistant to alkalis, water, oils, grease, etc. MasterBrace 1414 may be placed using a brush or roller and applied evenly across the whole surface. MasterBrace 1414 will have fully cured after 7 days at 23°C. MasterBrace 1414 can be stored in tightly closed original containers for 12 months at moderate temperature.

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MasterFinish 202

MasterFinish 202 can be applied to the formwork by spray in the form of a light uniform mist coating.MasterFinish 202 is well suited for shutter faces made from wood, steel, fibreglass, aluminium & paper.MasterFinish 202 reacts chemically with cement to impart excellent release properties to treated surfaces. Concrete cast against surfaces coated with MasterFinish 202 exhibit a smooth, hard,uniform finish.MasterFinish 202 has no negative effect on the properties of concrete nor will it impair the adhesion of subsequent surface treatments when applied at the recommended coverage rates.MasterFinish 202 forms a layer on formwork shuttering which acts as separation barrier between concrete and formwork substrate and provides good concrete finishes. It also helps in lowering repair cost of concrete and maintenance cost of formwork.

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MasterGlenium 51

MasterGlenium 51 is an admixture of a new generation based on modified polycarboxylic ether.The product has been primarily developed for applications in high performance concrete where the highest durability and performance is required. MasterGlenium 51 is free of chloride & low alkali. It is compatible with all types of cements. MasterGlenium 51 reduces water content drastically ( > 35%) and helps achieve very high early strength, mainly for Precast Concrete

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MasterPlast BS-3

MasterPlast BS-3 is chloride free water reducing admixture, formulated specially for applications in concrete block industry. It is effectively used to improve the quality of hollow blocks, paving blocks, etc.

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MasterRoc MP 355

MasterRoc MP 355 is a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane injection resin specifically designed for stopping rapid water flow and ground stabilization,Void filling,Repair of concrete structures,Stabilization of fractured rock, sands and gravels, and land-fill materials.

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MasterRoc SA 160

MasterRoc SA 160 admixture is a high-performance alkali-free shotcrete accelerator for use in the wet-mix spraying process. It is a liquid additive whose dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times. MasterRoc SA 160 admixture meets the requirements of ASTM C 1141/C 1141M, Types I /II, Grade 9, Class A.

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MasterSet AC 100

MasterSet AC 100 is ready to use liquid accelerating admixture for use in concrete and portland cement. MasterSet AC 100 admixture brings down setting times in general and specially under cold weather, leading to early high and ultimate increased strengths. In addition, it reduces bleed and segregation while improves workability. MasterSet AC 100 does not contain any added chloride ions ensuring that the product does not contribute to the corrosion of reinforcing steel. In fact studies indicate MasterSet AC 100 helps in reduction of chloride attack on concrete. MasterSet AC 100 is formulated for use as accelerator to facilitate high early and higher ultimate strengths in concrete.

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