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ARI SUPERSHOT is a synthetic smoke grey admixture in powder form. When the dry concrete mix containing Ari Supershot comes in contact with water at the gun nozzle, it instantly acts and dispersed cement particles thoroughly to produce cohesive shotcrete which can be sprayed evenly on any surface.ARI SUPERSHOT increases workability even with low water / cement ratio,produces cohesive mix,reduces rebound losses by 20% Plasticising action enables reduction of Water : Powder ratio, increasing final strength.It is mixed at the rate of 1-2 % of cement weight.

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ARI SUPLAST TB 101 a high range water reducing superplasticizer with slump retaining effect manufactured to comply to ASTM C 494 A,B,D and G specifications.ARI SUPLAST TB 101 shows a strong plasticizing effect and improves the properties of concrete considerably.It can be dosed between 0.3% and 1.8% by weight of cement.ARI SUPLAST TB 101 prolongs concrete setting time,enables achievement of higher strength in concrete,improves slump retention,workability.It can be dosed between 0.3% and 1.8% by weight of cement.

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ARI SUPLAST TB 101 R a high range water reducing and retarding admixture. ARI SUPLAST TB 101 R incorporates a retarder. Addition of the product delays the setting time of concrete to be transported without loss of it's initial properties. It prolongs concrete setting time,improves workability of the concrete,produces a good, cohesive mix.It can be dosed between 0.3% and 1.8% by weight of cement used to make the concrete flowable.

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ARI SUPLAST TB 101 S is synthetic, brown colour liquid superplasticizer for concrete conforming to IS 9103 - 1999 and ASTM C494 type G specifications. It is formulated form sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde and selected water soluble co-polymers.ARI SUPLAST TB 101 S is suitable for use in structural as well as under water concrete mixes for beams, slabs, columns, stair cases, etc., where addition of Ari Suplast TB 101S enables the concrete to flow through the dense reinforcement. It ncreases workability of mix. Saves cement. Produces cohesive mixes. Compatible with all cements,lowers permeability of concrete.

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ARIOXY MORTAR eproxy based mortars are versatile and used for many applications like lining, flooring, acid-resistant tile fixing, and for filling joints. ARIOXY MORTAR has excellent chemical resistance,bonding with concrete and masonry substrates,water resistance.

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AS-28 Sealer

AS-28 Sealer a free V.O.C. water-based hybrid siloxane sealer. It is designed as an effective penetrative sealer for various types of mineral and in-organic substrates. It is used for water based Acrylic, Silanes, Siloxane wall & floor coating systems.

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Abocast 4-4

Abocast 4-4 is a classic versatile machinable compound for making rigid poured molds and casting patterns of any size into the same or other molds. Abocast 4-4 is well suited for reproduction, vacuum-forming, patterns, fixtures, tooling, urethane foam molds, prototypes, engraving and cure boxes and/or casting into them.Abocast 4-4 reproduces precision detail.

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Acronal S 430 P

Acronal S 430 P is a redispersible polymer powder which is mainly used to modify hydraulic binders such as cement, lime and gypsum, and to manufacture flexible coatings. It is based on an aqueous, anionic dispersion of a copolymer of an acrylic ester and styrene, free of plasticizers. It can be used to reduce the elastic modulus of mortars and increase their elongation at break, their abrasion resistance and their adhesion. It provides a large increase in flexibility, even at temperatures below 0 °C. It can also be used to improve the properties of adhesive sealants.

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Acronal S 631 P

Acronal S 631 P is a redispersible polymer powder which is mainly used to modify inorganic binders such as cement, lime and gypsum. It is a copolymer of butyl acrylate and styrene in powder form. It can be used in stiffer repair mor­tar and adhe­sive mor­tar for­mu­la­tions. It enhances the strength, abra­sion resis­tance and adhe­sion of mor­tars in cases in which the dry­ing rate is too high for the inoganic binder to cure quickly enough. Even if suf­fi­cient mois­ture is avail­able, adding Acro­nal S 631 P has the advan­tage that it increases the flex­ibil­ity of the cured com­pound and improves its adhe­sion to dif­fi­cult substrates, even if it is exposed to mois­ture.

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