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ADGEL C is a modified guar gum specially developed and recommended for construction applications. It improves the performance when typically applied in cement based wall putty, cement-gypsum based plasters, cement-gypsum based crack fillers, cement based texture plasters, flooring and leveling compound etc. It can be used alone or in combination with cellulose ethers.

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AKTIFIT is an activated Silfit Z 91. It is produced by modifying the surface with functional silanes.


AKTISIL is the term for a number of special fillers, which are prepared by treating the surface of Neuburger silica, particularly with silanes.


AQUAPEL os used for integral water-proofing and damp-proofing for concrete, renders & toppings.

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ARI IWC integral water proofing compound in liquid form for addition to concrete and cement mortars.When added to the mix, it spreads over the cement surface area, disperses the cement particles and reduces the permeability, thus increasing the water proofing effect many folds.ARI IWC produces cohesive mixes,reduces water bleeding,low dosage required,improves owrkability of the mix. It can waterproofs concrete as well as cement plastering.

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ARI PWC is a polymer modified cement based waterproof coating. ARI PWC has multiple applications. It forms a tough waterproof barrier coating on the substrate it is applied on. It can be used for waterproofing chemicals underground structures, water retaining structures, slabs, sanitation blocks, etc. ARI PWC is very useful for surface coating of masonry. Brick steel and wood, for fixing ceramic files, joint filling, crack repair floor screeding and porous surface sealing. It has excellent bonding property to mortars, concrete, brickwork, wood, glass, aluminium and steel,improves flexural and tensile strength and thin section fragility of cementious system.ARI PWC reduces chloride / salt penetration in marine environment.

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Altifil is a hydrated aluminum silicate mineral produced from Newfoundland deposits of the mineral pyrophyllite with Al2O3 grades ranging from 18% to 24%. It imparts strength to fired ceramic products and can be used in refractory, ceramics, dinnerware and sanitary ware applications. Altifil pyrophyllite products exhibit a lower brightness of 89 and are designed for refractory applications or in applications as a functional mineral filler that are not color sensitive, such as automotive under-the-hood plastics, autobody filler, sealants & adhesives, seed coating, asphalt roofing etc.


Anhymix is used in building industry, construction material & plaster floor

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BC 33 M

BC 33 M is used as a water repelling additive in mortar, stucco and concrete mixes. It increases the plasticity of the mortar mix and provides water repellency of the matrix which effectively reduces water absorption and improves freeze-thaw resistance.

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