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Lithium Carbonate

Lithium carbonate is a chemical compound of lithium, carbon, and oxygen. It is widely used in the processing of metal oxides and has received attention for its use in psychiatry. It is an important industrial chemical. It forms low-melting fluxes with silica and other materials. It is a common ingredient in both low-fire and high-fire ceramic glaze. Cement sets more rapidly when prepared with lithium carbonate, and is useful for tile adhesives. It is used as an active material of carbon dioxide sensors. It is also used in the manufacture of most lithium-ion battery cathodes, which are made of lithium cobalt oxide.

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Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide is an inorganic compound. It is mainly consumed for the production of lithium greases. A popular lithium grease is lithium stearate, which is a general purpose lubricating grease due to its high resistance to water and being useful at both high and low temperatures. Lithium hydroxide is used in breathing gas purification systems for spacecraft, submarines, and rebreathers to remove carbon dioxide from exhaled gas by producing lithium carbonate and water. It is used as a heat transfer medium, as a storage-battery electrolyte. It is also used in ceramics and some Portland cement formulations. Lithium hydroxide is used to alkalize the reactor coolant in pressurized water reactors for corrosion control.

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MASTERSPEED ANC-7 is a concrete plasticizer and set rate accelerator. On addition of concrete it disperses the cement particles which improves the workability and accelerates the setting time of concrete. MASTERSPEED ANC-7 is a chloride free accelerator and does not corrode the reinforcement in concrete, hence can be effectively used in pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete industry. MASTERSPEED ANC-7 can be effectively used in cold atmospheric conditions where reduction of set rate of concrete is very important. MASTERSPEED ANC-7 is specifically formulated to reduce water content and reduce set rate, both early and ultimate strength will be highly improved.

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Masterspeed RTD-6 is a single component ‘set retarding’ admixture for cement concrete and mortar. It controls and extends the setting time of cement in concrete and mortar. It enables water requirement to be reduced for a given workability. It extends the setting time in proportion to the amount of admixture is used. It is based on lignosulphonates. Masterspeed RTD-6 disperses the cement particles in concrete mix to perform more effectively the initial hydration of cement are delayed resulting in a delayed setting time of concrete.

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MasterCem ES 2272

MasterCem ES 2272 is a highly effective early strength enhancer and formulated with high end raw materials to guarantee superior performance of the product. MasterCem ES 2272 is an aqueous nonchloride modified alkanolamine mixture.MasterCem ES 2272 considerably increases cement early strength better than conventional grinding aids or early strength enhancer.It is very effective as the catalyst for the early hydration of the cement particles and improving the reaction between C3A and gypsum to produce C3A- hydration products which overall improves the early strength of cement.

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MasterEmaco P 130

MasterEmaco P 130 is a two component, solvent borne zinc rich epoxy primer, providing active galvanic protection to steel. MasterEmaco P 130 is a thick grey liquid of paint-like consistency, recommended for use where chloride induced attack on steel is likely.MasterEmaco P 130 is used as a protective coating to steel reinforcing bars in concrete,touch-up primer for damaged galvanized metal, primer for steel substrates prior to ​suitable top coating.

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MasterEmaco S 488

MasterEmaco S 488 trowelable mortar is a dual shrinkage compensated, thixotropic high strength formulation for structural concrete repairs.MasterEmaco S 488 is suitable for placing in thicknesses of 12mm to 50 mm both vertically and overhead. MasterEmaco S 488 provides a durable, strong structural repair fully compatible with host concrete. MasterEmaco S488 is the ideal material for vertical or horizontal structural repairs where the thickness of repair is more than 12mm and use of hand or machine applied structural repair systems is required. MasterEmaco S 488 can be spray or hand applied. MasterEmaco S 488 has a shelf life of 6 months.

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MasterInject 1315

MasterInject 1315 is a low viscosity epoxy resin based crack injection resin system long mixed potlife designed for sealing cracks in concrete and restoring its structural integrity.MasterInject 1315 is a low viscosity, high strength epoxy grout which enables filling of very fine cracks.

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MasterProtect 200

MasterProtect 200 is a single component, flexible, elastomeric coating based on acrylic co-polymers. The coating enables long term protection of concrete & masonry from aggressive atmospheric gases such as, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and chloride ions & prevents water ingress.It is available in standard pastel colours. It can be made available in custom colours subject to prior agreement.MasterProtect 200 protective coating is recommended for external protection of concrete to prevent ingress of atmospheric corrosive gases, wind driven rain, and water borne chlorides.MasterProtect 200 High elongation property enables superior crack bridging characteristics to protect concrete against ingress of water and water born salts.

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