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Aluminium Silicate

Aluminium silicate used as a refractory in glassmaking. It is considered to be fireproof for the purposes of building and insulation.

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Aminonitrothiazole a nitrothiazole derivative used in the treatment of histoplasmosis in turkeys. Excessive dose rates cause infertility and renal and hepatic disease. It is also used in construction.

Ammonium Sulfamate

Ammonium sulfamate is a salt formed from ammonia and sulfamic acid.It is an herbicide used to control many trypes of woody plants, trees, herbaceous perennials, and annual broadleaf weeds and grasses.It is also used in printing and dyeing, tobacco,building material and textile industry.

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CICO SEALANT T 680 is two pack Polysulphide based joint sealant available in GUN GRADE and POUR GRADE. CICO SEALANT T 680 gun grade is a gun-applied, non-sag type for vertical joints and CICO SEALANT T 680 pour grade is for horizontal movement joints. When two packs are mixed, i.e. Polysulphide resin (Pack-A) with curing agent (Pack-B), it forms a tough, flexible, durable rubber like material with strong adhesive properties on most building substrates and joints.


COREMOULD EMULSION is pale amber liquid concentrate and emulsified chemical. COREMOULD EMULSION is also economic Chemical emulsion shuttering oil to provide stain free concrete surface.

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COREPLAST SP2 (MS) a brown liquid instantly dispersible in water based on Sulphonated Napthalene specially formulated to give high water reduction upto 25% without loss of workability and to produce high quality concrete of reduced permeability.

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Eucon Hydrapel 2.0

Eucon Hydrapel 2.0 is a water repellent admixture developed for masonry applications. It provides a widened window of operation in terms of material, process, or mix design challenges, while uniquely increasing batch water tolerance. Mix flow, feed, and distribution is also enhanced, providing higher production rate, cement efficiency, concrete product quality, and finished product consistency. The features are its superior water repellency protects masonry products, structures, and its contents and its extremely low absorption enhances durability, efflorescence control & color retention.

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MASTERPLAST RTPL-5 is a concrete set retarding and water reducing admixture. On addition to concrete MASTERPLAST RTPL-5 disperses the cement particles i.e. enhances the workability and also delays the set rate of concrete. This is chloride free and does not affect the concrete. It is based on modified lignosulphonates.

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MASTERPLAST-ACPL-7 is a concrete plasticizer and set rate accelerator. On addition to concrete MASTERPLAST-ACPL-7 it disperses the cement particles which improves the workability and accelerates the setting time of concrete. It is chloride free accelerating admixture supplied as a brown color liquid.

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MR. EXPERT HRP 108 is based on sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde. It contains viscosity modifying stabilizers. MR.EXPERT HRP 108 is high range water reducing cement/concrete admixture. It is used as high range water reducing admixture for any type of concrete, cement. It is used to give very high levels of workability or water reduction from 30 % to over 35%. It is used extensively where requires high workability. Also used in precast and on site where large water reduction requires very high early strength. MR.EXPERT HRP 108 lowers water demand and increases slump without slump loss. MR.EXPERT HRP 108 keeps low water cement ration and still provides high degree of workability which is required for easy placement and consolidation of concrete. It offers high strength concrete with normal workability but lower water content, provides excellent flow properties. Mr. EXPERT HRP 108 increases rheological properties of concrete.

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