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Mr.Expert MWR 1000

Mr.Expert MWR 1000 is a solvent diluted fast curing reactive silicone, based on silanes and siloxanes used for imparting a colorless water repellent surface finish to mineral construction materials without significantly reducing water vapor permeability. It is suitable for coating painted surfaces too, as this does not impart any color change to the substrate. Mr.Expert MWR 1000 forms an excellent weather coat for all types of cement and stone surfaces. Mr.Expert MWR 1000 provides water repellence within 1 hour of application. Mr.Expert MWR 1000 possesses a low order of toxicity. It is used in mineral plasters, mineral based artificial and natural stones, cement fiber boards, brick works, and mineral paints.

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Polyman–4000PN-6 is an acrylic homo-polymer partially neutralized with sodium salt. It is used for various water treatment and industrial applications like textile wet processing, paint, detergent etc. The product Polyman–4000PN-6 being a low molecular weight polymer has good anti-gelling capacity and so has best calcium / magnesium / barium trapping ability working over wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature without precipitation. Apart from thermal stability, the product has good stability over oxidizing agent like chlorine. The product is non-phosphorus; nonfoaming dispersant and has good environmental acceptability.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic polymer. It is a vinyl polymer constructed of repeating vinyl groups (ethenyls) having one hydrogen replaced by chloride. It is the third most widely produced plastic, after polyethylene and polypropylene. It is widely used in construction because it is cheap, durable, and easy to assemble. It can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, the most widely used being phthalates. In this form, it is used in clothing and upholstery, electrical cable insulation, inflatable products and many applications in which it replaces rubber.

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SYLVAPRINT MM 4617 is a rosin modified maleic resin, used in thermoplastic roadmarking applications.

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SYLVATAC RE 101 RM is a rosin ester designed for use as a binder in high quality thermoplastic traffic line compounds. The relatively low melt viscosity when compared with typical non rosin ester resins, permits higher filler loading in screed/extrusion applied thermoplastic formulations or makes it an ideal binder for spray applied compounds. SYLVATAC RE 101 RM substantially increases the performance through improved adhesion to (mixed-in and drop-on) glass beads, non-skid aggregates and the road. SYLVATAC RE 101 RM can be plasticized with mineral oil or tall oil esters and is compatible with most commonly used EVA’s, waxes, natural rubber, SIS and SBR’s.

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ZacroSeal Platinum

ZacroSeal Platinum is a high performance penetrating and non film-forming sealer. ZacroSeal Platinum sealer penetrates deep inside the stone providing water and stain resistance. Active ingredients are developed and manufactured in Germany and consist of silane and siloxane. ZacroSeal Platinum works by forming thin silicone resin film on substrate pores and penetrating deep into substrate. Once pore surface is coated, pores attain hydrophobicity and are no longer wetted by water, and so capillary water uptake is prevented.

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ZacroSeal Ultimate

ZacroSeal Ultimate is the ultimate performance penetrating and non film-forming sealer in our line of sealers. ZacroSeal Ultimate sealer penetrates deep inside the stone providing excellent stain resistance. After application, ZacroSeal Ultimate works by forming thin silicone resin film on substrate pores and penetrating deep into substrate. Once pore surface is coated, pores attain hydrophobicity and are no longer wetted by water, and so capillary water uptake is prevented. Since the pores remain open, the treated substrate retains its vapour permeability or breathability.

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Bituthene Deck Prep

Bituthene Deck Prep is a low viscosity surface treatment used to level and repair rough concrete decks prior to installing bituthene waterproofing. It is ideally suited as a leveling agent for rough concrete decks for new and rehab construction, non-structural repair material for defects in concrete decks for new and rehab construction and as a temporary waterproofing layer.

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CICO PLAST SUPER-HS is also a second generation concrete admixture based on a blend of specially selected organic polymers (SNF), combining the properties of super plasticiser with high degree of slump retention characteristics, high range water reducer and integral cement water proofer for concrete.It is used to either produce an extremely workable FLOWING CONCRETE without loss of strength or to enable large water reduction for the same workability which results in a dense, water tight concrete with higher ultimate strength.

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CICO POXY SCREED SL is a high-build three pack epoxy floor screed system with high chemical and abrasion resistance properties. It provides a non-dusting, easy to clean, non slipping floor and a levelled face for decorative floor, topping or coating.

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