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Chloroacetonitrile, also known as "cyanide chloromethane" has its chemical formula being ClCH2CN and the molecular weight being 75.50. It is colorless and fuming liquid with the melting point being 38 ℃ and boiling point being 126~127 ℃ (decomposition), 30~32 ℃ (2.0kPa), the relative density being 1.1930 and the refractive index being 1.420225. It is soluble in ether, alcohol and hydrocarbons but insoluble in water. It is highly toxic. It can form adduct with aluminum trichloride and react with various kinds of reagents including phloroglucinol trimethylether, methoxyacetophenone.


CONCRODIPAN FPC-8801 is a water proof powder for concrete, mortar and construction products. The dosage of consumption is 1- 2 %.

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COREFLOR DUSTPROOFER is high performance lithium based hardener, strengthener and densifier for concrete floors. COREFLOR DUSTPROOFER used for surface hardening of new & old concrete to prevent dust generation reduce wear particularly on exposed surfaces. COREFLOR DUSTPROOFER's typical application areas include warehouse, factories,platforms on both new & existing concrete surfaces where epoxies are not desirable.

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COREPLAST ZERO SLUMP is plasticizing, water-reducing admixture designed for use in Zero slump concrete only. COREPLAST ZERO SLUMP's primary application includes Concrete pipes, manholes, catch basins, concrete sleepers, pavement blocks etc. COREPLAST ZERO SLUMP provides high early and ultimate strengths, reduced patching and cracking and improved product appearance.

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Dibutyltin diacetate

Di-n-butyltin Dilaurate complex is used as a stabilizer for excellent heat stability, weatherability and clarity. It is used as a lubricant with the good gelling properties and lubricity. It is suitable for long time processing at high temperature. It is used in combination with other stabilizers for ed use when initial colorless products are needed. It is used as a rust inhibitor or catalyst for Polyurethanes, Polyols, silicones, and fuel additive. It is also used in construction and in decoration fields.

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ExxonMobil Neo Acids

ExxonMobil neo acids exhibit highly branched structures in which the carboxylic group is attached to a quaternary carbon atom.The high steric hindrance provided by the neo acid structure imparts excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability in derivatives and also helps make neo acids a superior building block for coatings derivatives.

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Indopol Polybutenes

Indopol Polybutenes are synthetic hydrocarbon polymers made by the polymerization of C4 olefins and are available in a wide range of viscosities.Indopol Polybutenes are used in lubricants, sealants, adhesives, coatings, polybutene emulsions.

MasterGlenium ACE 30

MasterGlenium ACE 30 is an admixture of a new generation based on second-generation polycarboxylic ether polymer with high earlystrength gains.MasterGlenium ACE 30 is free of chloride & low alkali. It is compatible with all types of cements.MasterGlenium ACE 30 is suitable for making precast concrete elements at all workability’s including Rheoplastic or Super workable concrete having fluid consistence, no segregation, a low water binder ratio and,consequently high early and long term strengthsMasterGlenium ACE 30 reduces water content drastically ( > 35%) and helps achieve very high early strength, mainly for Precast Concrete.

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MasterRheobuild 1100

MasterRheobuild 1100 is composed of synthetic polymers specially designed to impart rheoplastic qualities to concrete. MasterRheobuild 1100 helps to procude high strength concrete with optimum cement and water content, mainly for precast concrete. It also improves properties of concrete in plastic state to improve ease of placement.

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