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CICO SURFACE HARDENER is a specially manufactured metallic aggregate admixture with cement and stone/granite chips to provide the hardest surface to floorings and pavements which will remain wear-proof, and increase the abrasion resistance property.CICO SURFACE HARDENER makes flooring and paving topping hard and dust proof. CICO SURFACE HARDENER is Suited for use in all types of industrial floors which are subjected to heavy traffic and load movement.It can withstand impact load. Prevents dampness or absorption of water and is easy to clean by washing.CICO SURFACE HARDENER rovides the hardest surface of floors and pavement, which will remain water/oil/grease-proof and wear resistant in the form of a hard topping layer is recommended for flooring which is subjected to high abrasion due to the movement of steel wheels, heavy truck, fork lift or any other movement of heavy machineries.

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HALLCOMAG BEADS D-SSF is a magnesium oxide with a naphthenic process oil binder that offers protection against degradation by moisture and carbon dioxide. This physical form is free flowing, and essentially dust-free. In some applications, HALLCOMAG BEADS D-SSF can be used as a pound for pound replacement for powdered magnesium oxide.

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Polycarboxylate Ether

Polycarboxylate Ether for concrete typically configured the absorption delay on the particles of cement and it results disperses the particles efficiency. This chemical gives a very high quality of durability to concrete. Polycarboxylate Ether is usually used for the purpose of making high strength and elasticity of concrete. It can be easily used for pumpable and hot weather concrete. Polycarboxylate Ether also reduces the changes of creep and also reduces shrinkage as well.

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Resil Aqua Phobe WR 1

Resil Aqua Phobe WR 1 is a water based masonry water repellent based on potassium methyl siliconate as active component. It penetrate deep inside the pores of substrates and form a resin coating by reacting with the atmospheric carbon dioxide. The methyl silicone resin thus formed, impregnates the substrate providing water repellency and at the same time retains the breathability of the substrate.

Shalimar Diamond Hard

Shalimar Diamond Hard is a dry shake, metallic floor hardener with cleaned and graded, non-oxidizing metallic aggregate in a high strength cementitious binder. It is designed to be incorporated into fresh concrete slabs. Shalimar Diamond Hard provides a dense, tough surface with six times abrasion resistance than plain cured cement concrete. It is capable of withstanding the abrasion and impact loading seen by floors slabs of with numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities. Shalimar Diamond Hard has been specially formulated with a non-rusting aggregate for increased abrasion resistance in areas subject to frequent moisture or water exposure. Shalimar Diamond Hard can also be mixed in a mortar consistency and placed along joints to provide shoulder reinforcement.

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Sodium Lignosulfonate

Sodium Lignosulphonate ( lignosulfonate ) is a water reducer and is mainly used for concrete mixture as water-reducing additive. This chemical has low air content, water reducing rate is high, low dosage, adapt to most kind of cement. Formulated using best constituents, this chemical contain more than 80% of organic matter, is rich in potassium and nitrogen. This sodium Lignosulphonate is ideal for applying to dam project, building project, thruway project etc.This chemical is as plasticizers in making concrete, where it facilitates concrete to be made with less water while sustaining the ability of the concrete to flow. These are also used at the time of producing cement, where they act as grinding helps in the cement mill and as a raw mix slurry deflocculant.The sodium lignosulphonate product can be applied as general built material and water reducing admixture of series multifunction high-performance water reducing admixture, in the field of concrete additives. This can be directly adopted as additive in the concrete and can be compounded with water reducing admixture as melamine series and naphthalene series etc, and they are also perfect materials for series retarding agents.This chemical can be adopted as the adhesive in the briquetting process in the vertical retort zinc smelters. Further, this can be used as embryo reinforcing agents in porcelain, pottery & refractory materials and amplifies the fluidity of the slurry by improving the strength of the embryo.

Calcium Lignosulfonate

Calcium lignosulfonate can be used as concrete water-reducing material, thinner for cement pulp, sand reinforcement material, pesticide emulsion, mill run dispersant, leather pre-tanning material, plastics adding material for porcelain of fire resistant material, grouting jello for oil well or dam and so on. At present calcium lignosulphate is widely used in such industries as building industry, water and electricity, metallurgy, pesticide, petroleum, mining and porcelain industries, etc.

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Citric Acid Technical

Orchid Chemical trading is offering Citric Acid in the powder form, with technical grade. This product is available in 25kg package bags.As a food additive, citric acid is used as a flavoring and preservative in food and beverages. It is used as a successful alternative to nitric acid in passivation of stainless steel.

Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals are the chemical compounds used in construciton activities, be it residential,non-residential or non-building. These compounds belong to a niche specilaty segment of the chemical industry and can be used either in existing construciton projects to speed up the work or in new construction projects to impart durability and strenghten the structures. Construction chemicals increase the cost of the project by 2-5% but the benefits are multi-fold.

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