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Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate

Calcium sulfate dihydrate is the calcium salt of sulphuric acid. It is used as analytical reagent, also used in water treatment, papermaking, printing, dyeing, metallurgy and coating, adhesive production.

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Iron Oxide Pigment FEPREN

Iron Oxide Pigment FEPREN is fine dry-milled pigments with very high tinting-strength, hiding power and good particle size distribution. It is suitable for production of paints both primers, undercoats and fillers, in building industry for cement-based plaster mixtures, colouring of concrete products like roof tiles, terrazzo, colour floor tiles.Iron Oxide Pigment FEPREN can be also used for colouring of caoutchouc mixturess, plastics, floor coverings, for production of ceramic colours, glass, polishing aids.


2-Chloro-4,6-dinitrophenol is used in construction.

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Blocktite Mortar Admixture

Blocktite Mortar Admixture is an integral water repellent admixture used for mortar. It is formulated to prevent moisture intrusion in masonry structures. It significantly reduces water absorption and efflorescence potential, and will help preserve color and overall mortar integrity as a result. The features are it has improved durability, it have reduced secondary efflorescence, and further it have improved color integrity.

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Experimental Black XPB 255

Experimental Black XPB 255 is high-jet carbon black pigment for solvent and waterborne coating systems.

Experimental Black XPB 430

Experimental Black XPB 430 is a easy-to-disperse carbon black pigment preparation for high-jet waterborne coating systems.

Iron(III) oxide A.C.S. 99.4

Iron oxide pigments Powder  


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