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Metapor is a metakaolin with small amounts of fine expanded glass. It is used as reactive pozzolanic hardening additive for cement- and lime-based binder systems. It is also ideal as filler for plastic applications. Metapor can improve significantly the characteristics of mineral construction materials, ceramic products and plastics components.


Metaver is a specially calcined kaolin that reacts with the free Portlandite to form added CSH phases. It makes the cement matrix denser and gives unique properties, e.g. chlorine resistance, reduced efflorescence.


Modarez is an wetting agent substrates for systems in aqueous and solvent mediums, that improve the spreading and adhesion of paints and inks, on difficult surfaces such as plastics or certain metals.


Poraver is the proven lightweight aggregate in drymix mortars such as plaster, stucco, putty, tile adhesive, base coat and self leveling underlayment. It is also a preferred lightweight aggregate for a wide range of boards and panels.Poraver is also becoming more and more popular in textured wallpapers, texturized paints or in facade profiles for the restoration of landmarked buildings.


SURFLEX is a quartz-silica mixture of finely graded non-metallic aggregates, plasticizer and cement binder.It is an economical concrete floor hardener recommended for interior and exterior use.

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Sasobit is a synthetic hard wax that is free from sulphur and other impurities. Sasobit is the versatile additive, which is perfectly suited for all asphalt applications and ensures highly durable asphalt pavements. Sasobit improves workability, and this has good workability even during poor weather conditions without any additional compaction/without increasing mixing temperatures,reduces the risk of compaction failures especially when using very hard and highly viscous bitumen.

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