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LitSil-S is a medium lithium content hardener and sealer. LitSil-S is ideal for use in warehouse, retail store, restaurants, indoor malls, office complex, and food processing plants, dairies, breweries, food lockers, slaughtering plants, animal pens and bottling plants.

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Mikrover is a fine glass powder from consistent quality. It is manufactured from pulverised post-consumer recycled glass. It is an functional filler for organic and anorganic materials.


ROTOBASE is a lightweight rock fl our that is enhanced to become ultra pure through special grinding and sieving processes. It is a latent hydraulic / puzzolanic binder, that is also used as a mineral lightweight aggregate.


ROTOCELL is a lightweight and dry granulate that is enhanced to become very pure through a special grinding and sieving processes. It is used as an aggregate in the paint and dry mortar industries, as well as, a substrate in the construction chemical industries.


Retarder is used to delay hydration of cement thereby allowing for longer hauls. They are ideal for use in hot weather concreting where conditions are hot and dry, and slump is low.

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STEELITE is a heavy duty concrete floor finish providing resistance to shock or point-contact loads (as in engineering works, workshops, and tracked vehicles

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Tysol SM

Tysol SM is an excellent dispersing agent for cement particles and extensively used in concrete, mortars and self-leveling compositions. It promotes fine dispersion with controlled rheological behavior of cementitious compositions ensuring for extended workability.


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