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Retarder is used to delay hydration of cement thereby allowing for longer hauls. They are ideal for use in hot weather concreting where conditions are hot and dry, and slump is low.

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STEELITE is a heavy duty concrete floor finish providing resistance to shock or point-contact loads (as in engineering works, workshops, and tracked vehicles

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Tysol SM

Tysol SM is an excellent dispersing agent for cement particles and extensively used in concrete, mortars and self-leveling compositions. It promotes fine dispersion with controlled rheological behavior of cementitious compositions ensuring for extended workability.

Tytron P

Tytron P additive is especially formulated to improve the water repellency and workability of masonry cement. It provides important performance benefits such as long board life, superior water retention etc.

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Zeolites are widely used as ion-exchange beds in domestic and commercial water purification, softening. Synthetic zeolites are widely used as catalysts in the petrochemical industry, for instance in fluid catalytic cracking and hydro-cracking. Zeolites are used as nutritional supplements. It is used as an additive in the production process of warm mix asphalt concrete.

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ADVA 140M is a high-range water-reducing admixture based on polycarboxylate technology specifically formulated to meet the needs of the concrete industry. It has been used successfully in a wide variety of concrete applications for high-slump, low water-to-cementitious ratio concrete requiring a high-range water reducer to flatwork in residential applications requiring a mid-range water reducer. It produces concrete with excellent workability characteristics for high slump and moderate slump concrete.

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ARI MRA 1 mould releasing Agent with built in corrosion inhibitor for steel shuttering and formwork. It is manufactured from refined speciality oils and blended additives, the product forms a water-resistant chemical barrier with the alkalies in concrete. It has to be applied as is without any dilution.ARI MRA 1 contains excellent concrete surface texture.

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