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Tacelene Chem 5302

Tacelene Chem 5302 will usually provide access throughout the deposit so that treatment chemicals can work their way into the affected area. This eliminates the need for costly shutdown of the system and the resultant loss of production. A penetrant usually is a combination of wetting agents and surfactants which attack a deposit and make it porous so that other treatment chemicals function effectively.

tacelene chem 2015

Tacelene Chem 2015 is a water-based jelly from high molecular fatty acids mainly and highly active chemical specially formulated to reduce foam level. It is mainly used for defoaming the process water & effluent plant where foam is copious and uncontrollable. In process water & effluent treatment plant foam may be formed from Organic originated or inorganic originated, product reduces the foam within 2 to 3 minutes. By reducing the surface tension of waste water thereby adherence of bubble on the surface of water is reduced and entrapped air is released to open air or environment...

Aquatreat ProCorr501

Aquatreat ProCorr501 all in one formulation for cooling water treatment application for hard water using technically advanced additives for controlling scale and mixed metal corrosion.

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Tower Treatment 5101

Excellent treatment for most tower situations. No heavy metals. Use when Rhyzner Index is 5.0-8.5, iron is less than 3 ppm in makeup water, PO4 is less than 2 ppm in the makeup water, and chlorine is not used except on a cleanup basis. Maintain 2-6 ppm PO4 residual as measurement of treatment level. Contains: phosphonate, phosphate, organic corrosion inhibitor, thiazole, polyacrylate, pH adjustment.

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Tower Treatment 5103

Molybdate treatment for use when highly corrosive waters are not satisfactorily maintained with 5101. Contains: molybdate, phosphate, phosphonate, organic corrosion inhibitor, thiazole, polyacrylate, pH adjustment. May be monitored using orthophosphate at 2-6 ppm, or molybdate at 5-15 ppm, or phosphonate (total PO4 digestion) at 4-13 ppm.

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Tower Treatment 5124

Recommended when iron is present in the makeup water in concentrations greater that 1 ppm. (Normal treatments will complex the iron in the makeup leaving nothing to passivate the system's iron surfaces.)

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Tower Treatment 5128

Recommended product when scaling condition exists. Use in recirculating waters containing Calcium Hardness of 300 ppm or greater and a Rhyznar Stability Index of 4.0 to 4.5.

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Hypersperse MSI 410

Hypersperse* MSI410 is a highly effective liquid antiscalant/antifoulant specifically designed for silicascale. Hypersperse MSI410 is capable of effective silicacontrol up to and exceeding 300 ppm under selectconditions.

Certified for use in producing potable water(Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60)

Effectively controls silica scaling, as well asscales of calcium and sulfate

Organic Tower Treat 5141

Excellent to penetrate and break up biomasses in fouled cooling tower waters. Good slug feed additive (at 1:3,000) prior to the addition of chlorine or high doses of our biocides in increase the effectiveness of chlorine \ biocide. 1:3,000 yields 40 ppm dimethyl amide of fatty acid detergent dispersant.

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Thermidaire Colclean 101

Thermidaire Colclean 101 is an multi purpose, industrial cleaner and dispersant designed for use in cooling towers systems for the removal of mud, solids, silt, grease, and oil under many water quality conditions preventing suspended solid from adhering to heat exchange surfaces.

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