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Tower Treatment 5103

Molybdate treatment for use when highly corrosive waters are not satisfactorily maintained with 5101. Contains: molybdate, phosphate, phosphonate, organic corrosion inhibitor, thiazole, polyacrylate, pH adjustment. May be monitored using orthophosphate at 2-6 ppm, or molybdate at 5-15 ppm, or phosphonate (total PO4 digestion) at 4-13 ppm.

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Tower Treatment 5124

Recommended when iron is present in the makeup water in concentrations greater that 1 ppm. (Normal treatments will complex the iron in the makeup leaving nothing to passivate the system's iron surfaces.)

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Tower Treatment 5128

Recommended product when scaling condition exists. Use in recirculating waters containing Calcium Hardness of 300 ppm or greater and a Rhyznar Stability Index of 4.0 to 4.5.

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VCHEM 104 is a blend of organic and inorganic scale and corrosion inhibitor. VCHEM 104 is stable over a wide range of temperature and pH variation and provide scale and corrosion control over wide range of water qualities and operational condition.VCHEM 104 is dosed for a period of 5 days at the start of the treatment programme enabling a strong film to be build up quickly.

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VCHEM 105 acts immediately to maintain the alkalinity inside the cooling water system. Being a catalyzed pH booster, it removes acidity from boiler-feed water. VCHEM 105 has a catalyst, which effects de-oxygenation. It is applicable to cooling towers. VCHEM 105 is known to prevent corrosion and pitting in cooling tower circuit.

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VCHEM 106 combines with the cell wall and cytoplasmic membrane and after adsorption and infiltration of the cytoplasmic membrane forms colloidal solution with the cytoplasm and precipitates protein.

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YB-1010 Low Molecular Weight Polyacrylate

YB-1010 Low Molecular Weight Polyacrylate is a low molecular weight polyacrylate with excellent inhibition effect for calcium carbonate in industry circulating cool water system. It can also be used as antiscalant and dispersant in Boiler and Oil field water systems. It shows good anti-scale efficiency at low dosage over a wide range of pH, hardness and temperature conditions.

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ferric chloride hexahydrate HPA 40

Eximbird Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer / Exporter of Ferric Chloride / Iron Chloride in India and well known for our quality and commitment in our supplied countries. Eximbird Pvt. Ltd. exports maximum of its total output to Middle East and Gulf Countries and also to other countries like New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Japan, South Africa, Australia etc.


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hydrochloric acid Industrial Grade 33-35%

1.  Appearance                                             Water white
2.  Hydrochloric Acid % By Mass                  33‐ 35% (33 % Minimum Guaranteed)
3. Specific Gravity                                          1.155 to 1.171
4. Iron ( As Fe)                                                0.5 ppm Max
5. Sulphite                                                      15 ppm Max
6. Free Chlorine, ppm                                     20.00 Max
7. Lead                                                            Nil
8. Mercury (as Hg); ppm                                 Nil
9. Residue on Ignition                                     50 ppm Max
10. Fluoride as F                                            10 ppm Max
11. Dissolved Chlorine                                   20 ppm Max
12. Arsenic                                                     Nil
13. Cadmium                                                  Nil
14. Calcium                                                     Nil
15. Copper                                                      Nil
16. Magnesium                                               Nil
17. Sodium                                                      Nil
Packing & Supply:          250/275 kg HDPE drums UN/IMDG approved.
                                        1150 Kg IBC tank UN/IMDG approved.
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polyelectrolyte Purified 90%

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading at best quality Polyelectrolyte, which is good for its features like durability and superior quality chemicals. Our ranges of chemicals are formulated using top quality materials and advanced technology. These are available in various packing as per the clients’ requirements. Clients can avail these from us at competitive prices in the market.

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  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
  • Delivery Time: Immediate
  • Packaging Details: 10, 25 KG Bags

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