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Tolytriazole Industrial Grade

Tolytriazole is used as Corrosion inhibitor for copper and copper alloys, and is commonly used in water cooling systems. Additional applications include use in metalworking fluids, lubricants, runway deicer, and brake fluid

Hydroxyphosphono Acetic Acid Industrial Grade

Hydroxyphosphono Acetic Acid used as Corrosion inhibitor for steel, cooling water sytem, cathode corrosion inhibitor in oilfield refill water system in fields such as steel & iron, petrochemcal, power plant and medical industries. When built with zinc salt, the effect is even better

Polyaspartic Sodium Salt in Water Industrial Grade 40%

Sodium Polyaspartate/BAYPURE DS 100/40% As inhibitor, anti scaling agent for cooling water system, water dessalination process, waste water treatment, corrosion inhibitor, super swelling material (e.g. diaper), feminine hygiene product, food packaging, biodegradable detergent, softening of water etc.


COHIBIT is a liquid film-forming, water-based corrosion inhibitor designed for use in multi-metal systems operating at high or low temperatures. COHIBIT prevents deposits, scale, sludge and resulting losses in heat transfer or mechanical efficiency caused by high mineral waters.

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IC 2000

IC 2000 provides excellent corrosion inhibition for all metals & from complex protective film on metal surface. It is effective over a wide range of pH, temperature & calcium phosphate sludge. It fouling & have excellent sequestering properties & works as Antiscalent. It does not encourage the growth of micro - organisms.

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IC 2001

IC 2001 is an ideal combination for control of biological growth for cooling water system , it is effective against Bacteria , Fungi , Algae.

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IC 2002

IC 2002 is an effective Biocide which takes control of though algae problem. It also controls the growth of fungi, wide range of bacteria in cooling tower & spray ponds etc.

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IC 2003

IC 2003 is an ideal combination of organo -phosphonates & dispersant exceptionally effective in inhabiting scaling due to High Hardness of makeup water in cooling water system.

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IC 2004

IC 2004 is the most effective treatment to prevent the manace of corrosion and scaling.It forms a protective film on the heat transferring surfaces and prevents them from developing scales and corrosion.

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