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Electropure Liquid Copper Sulfate

Electropure Liquid Copper Sulfate is a high purity solution used to make up and replenish acid copper palting baths/solutions. It is especially beneficial in Electronic and other plating applications where low levels of organic and inorganic imprities are critical.

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GISS Polyvinyl Alkylimine compound

GISS Polyvinyl Alkylimine compound is a high-performance booster condensed by polyvinyl alkylimine in special condition. It has good coverage at low-current density areas. Generally, it should be used in combination with SP, M, N, AESS, PN and P etc. It is not only used for acid copper plating, but also used for low-cyanide zinc brightener.

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MESS Mercaptimidazole Propane Sulfonate

MESS Mercaptimidazole Propane Sulfonate is a best brightener at mid and low current density. It can substitute traditional M. Compared with M, MESS has stronger water-solubility and leveling capacity. It should be used in combination with intermediate such as HP, N, P, PN, AESS and GISS etc.

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Polydipropyl Sulfonate

Polydipropyl Sulfonate is a grain refiner in acid copper-plating bath. It has obvious effect when used in combination with M, N, PN, GISS, AESS at high current density. It may be used in a very wide range, and varies in temperature.

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Polyvinyl Alkylimine

Polyvinyl Alkylimine is a high molecular polymer. It should be used in combination with SP, M, N, P, AESS and GISS. It has very strong cathodic polarization, so brightness could be obviously improve at low-current density areas. It is the best elevated temperature carrier in acid copper brightener suitable to plating on complex parts.

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TPS Dimethylformamide Sulfonate

TPS Dimethylformamide Sulfonate performance and SP is similar, their high temperature Walking bit performance is excellent, the brightener component performance easier to control, is substituted SP.M the new generation of high performance acid copper intermediates usually required to use with GISS, PN, P, N, and other complex.

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