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TORRENT OCI-149 is a combination Corrosion Inhibitor-Scale Inhibitor product designed as a water soluble package to address corrosion control of sweet (CO2), sour (H2S) or MIC (Microbially Influenced Corrosion) in a wide range of environments. It is also highly effective against common carbonate and sulfate scale issues. TORRENT OCI-149 has excellent solubility and compatibility in most heavy brines below 180°F and is formulated with surfactants to aid in dispersing oily solids, as well as assisting in resolving emulsions.

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TORRENT OCI-191 is a water soluble corrosion inhibitor package to address control of sweet (CO2), or sour (H2S) corrosion in producing wells, water supply and handling, injection and disposal systems as well as pipelines. TORRENT OCI-191 is fully water soluble and enhances clean up by removing deposited solids such as hydrocarbons, iron sulfide, and formation fines.

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TORRENT OCI-200 utilizes an amine fatty acid complex formulation that reduces severe corrosion in both oil and gas wells. This oil soluble corrosion inhibitor lays down a more continuous and uniform film that is extremely persistent. TORRENT OCI-200 eliminates rust emulsion problems commonly associated with most oil soluble corrosion inhibitors, and is designed strictly for use in oil and gas systems through either continuous or batch feed.

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TORRENT OCI-218 is an oil soluble corrosion inhibitor designed to control sweet (CO2), or sour (H2S) corrosion in a wide range of environments including oil and gas wells and gas pipelines. TORRENT OCI-218 is an excellent film former making it an ideal choice in batch treating for downhole corrosion control. TORRENT OCI-218 is formulated with surfactants to aid in the prevention of solids deposition and removing previously deposited solids. TORRENT OCI-218 has proven highly effective in corrosion control of high velocity gas lines where Reynolds numbers are in excess of 10,000.

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TORRENT OCI-400 is an oil soluble corrosion inhibitor for use in high velocity/high solid, oil and gas production systems. It is effective in eliminating excessive corrosion/erosion related failures in high-solid systems flowing at 25 fps. TORRENT OCI-400 is dispersible in most brine solutions.

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TORRENT OCI-500 biodegradable corrosion inhibitors can be used in almost all oilfield applications including water injection, topside systems, drilling muds, packer fluids, pipeline protection and storage systems. TORRENT OCI-500 has an excellent toxicity profile and is miscible with all types of water, including seawater.

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TORRENT OCI-600 is designed for use as a refinery and/or chemical plant corrosion inhibitor. It has excellent non-emulsifying properties, and can be used in units with severe water tolerance specifications. TORRENT OCI-600 is very effective at high temperatures and can be readily diluted to suit its application. TORRENT OCI-600 is effective for use in topping towers, alkylation units, stabilization units and H2S strippers.

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TORRENT OCI-700 is a fresh water soluble corrosion inhibitor based on low emulsifying chemistry. TORRENT OCI-700 provides higher film persistency than other water soluble corrosion inhibitors and will reduce emulsion problems typically associated with over-treatment. TORRENT OCI-700 is a more cost effective, non-“gunking” alternative to other oil and water soluble corrosion inhibitors and is also brine dispersible.

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Aquatreat S520DD

Aquatreat S520DD is a multi function scale and corrosion inhibitor for high temperature systems using phosphate and threshold technology.

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Ethoduomeen T/25

Ethoduomeen T/25 is used as Corrosion inhibitor,Dispersing agent,Emulsifier.


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