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Dechlorination in municipal wastewater, pulp & paper, power, and textile water treatment plants
Oxygen scavenger
Boiler water treatment
Preservative in photo developer process
Food additive
Flue gas desulfurization
Mild reducing agent in organic synthesis
Efficiently remove traces or excess amounts of bromine, iodine, osmate esters, chromium trioxide, and potassium permanganate

Glycine Dimethyl Phosphonic Acid

Glycine dimethyl phosphonic acid  is a new kind of organophosphine corrosion inhibitor. It shows certain antiscale ability and better corrosion inhibition as there are both carboxyl group and nitrogen phosphorus atoms in it.

Hydroxyethylenediphosphonic Acid

Hydroxyethylenediphosphonic Acid is an organophosphoric acid. It is a corrosion inhibitor.It can also dissolve the oxidized material on the metal surfaces.It is used as scale and corrosion inhibition in circulating cool water system, oil field and low-pressure boilers in fields such as electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, fertilizer , as detergent for metal and nonmetal in light woven industry, as peroxide stabilizer and dye-fixing agent in dyeing industry , as chelating agent in non-cyanide electroplating.

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Aminotrimethylene Phosphonic Acid

Aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion ability. It can prevent scale formation, calcium carbonate in particular, in water system. It has good chemical stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed in water system. At high concentration, it has good corrosion inhibition. It is used in industrial circulating cool water system and oilfield water pipeline in fields of thermal power plant and oil refinery plant. It can decrease scale formation and inhibit corrosion of metal equipment and pipeline. It can be used as chelating agent in woven and dyeing industries and as metal surface treatment agent.

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Polyhydric Alcohol Phosphate Ester

Polyhydric Alcohol Phosphate Ester is a new kind of water treatment chemicals. It has a good scale and corrosion inhibition ability. Because more than one ployethylene glycol group is introduced into the molecular, the scale and corrosion inhibition for calcium scale is improved. It has a good inhibition effect for barium and strontium scales. Polyhydric Alcohol Phosphate Ester has a good scale inhibition effect for calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate. It can mix well with polycarboxylic acid, organophoronic acid, phosphate and zinc salt. It can be used as scale inhibitor for oilfield (recommended as alternatives of Nalco Visco 953) and industrial cool water system.

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ferric chloride hexahydrate HPA 40

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Methylamine Dimethylene Phosphonic Acid

Methylamine dimethylene phosphonic acid is a new kind of excellent antiscale and corrosion inhibitor for industrial circulating water. Its corrosion inhibiting ability for copper and carbon steel is better than that of any other water treatment chemicals.

Copolymer of Phosphates and Acrylic Acid

PPCA is a kind of modified polyacrylic acid and dispersing antiscale with low phosphate. It shows certain corrosion inhibition effects. When built with zinc salt, inorganic phosphates, it shows obvious synergy. Its nice compatibility performance makes it one of the major agents in built formula.

Polyhydric Alcohol Phosphate Ester(PAPE)

Polyhydric Alcohol Phosphate Ester corrosion inhibitor for the circulation water system of refine, chemicals, chemical fertilizer and steel making plants, especially of the circulation water system processing materials leakage and/or serious corrosion and the scale and corrosion inhibitor of oil field filling water.

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Iron (III) Chloride, Iron tri Chloride-HPA 40

Iron (III) Chloride, Iron tri Chloride-HPA 40 is used as catalyst.


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