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2-(2-ethoxy ethoxy)-ethanol Technical 99.5

Stable. Combustible. Note wide explosion limits. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides. Hygroscopic. ORL-RAT LD50 6500 mg kg-1 , SKN-RAT LD50 6000 mg kg-1 , IPR-RAT LD50 6310 mg kg-1  

Gravity: 0.987-0.99 g/mL / 20 °C

Flash Point:  96 °C
Boiling Point: 201-202 °C



Pulegone is a naturally occurring organic compound obtained from the essential oils of a variety of plants such as Nepeta cataria, Mentha piperita, and pennyroyal. It is classified as a monoterpene. It has a pleasant odor similar to pennyroyal, peppermint and camphor. It is used in flavoring agents, in perfumery, and in aromatherapy.

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Valencene is a sesquiterpene that is an aroma component of citrus fruit and citrus-derived odorants. It is cheaply obtained from Valencia oranges.Valencene is biosynthesized from FPP by the CVS enzyme.Valencene is used as a Flavour and Fragrance ingredient.

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Limonene is a colourless liquid hydrocarbon classified as a cyclic terpene possessing a strong smell of oranges. It is used in chemical synthesis as a precursor to carvone and as a renewably-based solvent in cleaning products.It used as cosmetic ingredient.

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(-)-Bornyl Acetate

(-)-Bornyl Acetate is a cosmetic chemical

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Carveol is a natural terpenoid alcohol that is a constituent of spearmint oil . It has an odor and flavor that resemble those of spearmint and caraway. Consequently, it is used as a fragrance in cosmetics and as a flavor additive in the food industry. It has been found to exhibit chemoprevention of mammary carcinogenesis (prevents breast cancer)

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(-)-Carvyl Acetate

(-)-Carvyl Acetate is used as flavur and fragrance agent in cosmetic products.

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Menthone is a naturally occurring organic compound. l-Menthone is the most abundant in nature of the four possible stereoisomers. It is a monoterpene and a ketone. It is structurally related to menthol which has a secondary alcohol in place of the carbonyl. It is used in perfumery and cosmetics for its characteristic aromatic and minty odor.

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