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Induquat ECR 40 LL

Induquat ECR 40 LL is aqueous low molecular polymer solution of Diallyldimethylammoniumchloride. It is used as cationic fixation additive for inkjet coatings, agent for starching papermaking fibers during paper recycling, cationic antistatic agent and polymeric wetting, agent for water-based lacquers, paper and film coatings, and setting agent for textile dyes.

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Iso-Butyl Benzoate

Isobutyl benzoate is a clear colorless liquid mainly used as cosmetic, flavor and fragrance agents.

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Isostearyl Alcohol

Isostearyl alcohol is a mixture of branched chain 18 carbon aliphatic alcohols. It is used as cosmetic ingredient.

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Lambda-Carrageenan is a non-gelling form of carrageenan.It is primarily used to thicken liquids and modify the texture of foods.It has a naturally high potassium content.It is used in animal models of inflammation used to test analgesics.

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Methyl 2-Hexenoate

Methyl 2-Hexenoate is used as an perfuming ingredient.It is also used as flavour and fragrance agent.

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Nutrilan Keratin W

Nutrilan Keratin W is a keratin protein hydrolysate.

Platinum Matrix-EM

Platinum Matrix-EM a synthetic peptide nanoconjugated to platinum particles with a remarkable effect on the ECM homeostasis. It provides high concentration of matrix-em available at the fibroblast membrane receptors and also higher bioavailability, due to a greater protection against skin proteases (stability of matrix-em) so that matrix-em selectivity and activity is improved.PlatinumMatrix-EM includes a complete toxicity test: citotoxicity (human fibroblasts, Het Cam and RIPT test, andgenotoxicity (micronucleous test).

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Polyacrylic Esters

Polyacrylic Esters are specialized polymers and copolymers for viscosity control of liquids, creams, and lotions.

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Potassium Stearate

Potassium Stearate is used in plastic industry as well as in cosmetics. It is used as flatting and sanding agents in lacquers, coatings & inks. They can be applied in tablet manufacturing. It is used as drying lubricants and dusting agents for rubbers. It is used as catalysts in chemical synthesis and emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization of synthetic rubber and resin which can be approved for use in food contact applications,also used as waterproofing additives and ointments.

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ProKote LSC 6040-B

ProKote LSC 6040-B as functions such as release, lubrication, emulsification.

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