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Trichloroacetic Acid

Trichloroacetic acid is an analogue of acetic acid in which the three hydrogen atoms of the methyl group have all been replaced by chlorine atoms.It is widely used in biochemistry for the precipitation of macromolecules such as proteins, DNA and RNA. Its sodium salt is used as a weedkiller. Solutions containing trichloroacetic acid as an ingredient are used for cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels and tattoo removal and the treatment of warts, including genital warts. It can kill normal cells as well. It is considered safe for use for this purpose during pregnancy.Salts of trichloroacetic acid are called trichloroacetates. Reduction of trichloroacetic acid results in dichloroacetic acid, a pharmacologically active compound that shows promise for

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Trolamine Salicylate

Trolamine salicylate is an organic compound which is the salt formed between triethanolamine and salicylic acid. It is used as an ingredient in sunscreens, analgesic creams, and cosmetics. The salicylic acid portion contributes to both the sun protection effect and to the analgesic effect. The triethanolamine neutralizes the acidity of the salicylic acid. One benefit of this topical analgesic is that it has no odor, in contrast to other topical analgesics such as menthol.

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18-Pentatriacontanone is used as an antiblocking agent which prevent the undesirable adhesion between touching layers of coated material.

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2 Methyl Butyric Acid

2 Methyl Butyric Acid is a notably different in character from the closely related unbranched aliphatic fatty acti valeric acid. It is very widely distributed in nature and has an unusually wide spectrum of use in flavors.

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2-Amino-3-nitrophenol is used in the formulation of hair dyes, colors and tints.

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2-Butoxyethyl Acetate

2-Butoxyethyl acetate is used as a high-boiling solvent for nitrocellulose lacquers, epoxy resins, paints,hair dyes and multicolor lacquers.It is also used as a film coalescing aid for polyvinyl acetate latex.

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2-Chloro Benzophenone

2-Chloro Benzophenone used as a constituent of synthetic perfumes and as a starting material for the manufacture of dyes, pesticides and drugs (especially anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs). Benzophenone is used as a photoinitiator of UV-curing applications in inks, adhesive and coatings, optical fiber as well as in printed circuit boards.

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2-Ethylhexyl Chloride

2-Ethylhexyl Chloride is used in the production of UVA/B-absorber.

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